[18+] The Land of Daglomond RP - A Boundless Rift Community

Strictly 18+

Here in The Boundless Rift, we are a completely RP based Conan server where the limit is your imagination. Currently, we are living in the land of Daglomond , a country far away from the Exiled Lands, but within the same universe. We have slightly changed AoC lore to give a fresh stand on well-used stories. We never make anyone follow this lore, it’s simply what is widely accepted in the currently active world. Want the lore to bend? It’s up to you to change it! This land is yours to create and shape as you please.

We’ll be totally honest with you… We don’t have many features that make us stand out from the crowd, other than possibly our optional unique server lore and our Hub Towns. We’re well aware of this! We do know that our community does make us stand out though. Right now, we are a fairly small, but very tight knit community. We hope that people like you will help us continue to stand out. The stories, the community, the sense of belonging. That’s what’s important to us here in TBR. We would like to ask you to come be a part of that. Join us in our journey of growth, ups and downs, joy, maybe a little bit of sadness, but most importantly, enjoyment.

Some Feature Highlights

Many more features are already available, but even more will be coming over time! -A very active, as well as dedicated Staff team, ready to help with anything you might need. We’re always open to any and every suggestion! Let us know what you want!

-Unique Server Lore - You don’t have to follow it, but can if you want to

-Multiple Starter Kits to get you going! Including a 60 level jump and all Emotes!

-Spawn for the first time in the Faction Hall, allowing you to choose your faction and jump right into the RP!

-IN GAME Consent Sheets!

-Maprooms located in each Hub for ease of access

-3X Storage in all crafting stations and storage containers!

-ALL Exiles Extreme items will be spawned in for you!

-Free Unlimited gear dying

-Ability to lock almost every item, as well as pick up building pieces

-ERP Friendly! Just place a Flaggi down outside the area (We have streamers. You can get your Flaggi in a kit!)

-Build on Noob River if you want!

Some Server Settings

-Longer Days, Shorter Nights

-Characters do NOT stay in the world when logged out

-x3 XP Rates (You get 60 Starter Levels)

-Lower Hunger/Thirst requirements

-Purges Disabled (We will have Events with Purge Only Items!!)

-Player Structures are Indestructible unless a Raid/War has been declared

You’ll find any and all additional information in our Discord! Once you’re in, head on over to the #getting-started and #role-requests channels and ask Zira for your Conan role!