180832 New Items!

18.08.32 New items as a AO scrip


hm, Kryoguard has nice look! Any stat for that I could see???


Omg that Nitrogena looks cool, judging from its icon :open_mouth:

I wonder if they missed a zero in the AC’s on the Frozen Excavation armour though? :blush:

thanks for the script

Thanks for the script, but where do those items actually drop?
Do they drop only starting tomorrow?

Launcher says Winter Event Dec 11 to Jan 7.

The drops are all over the place, The top tier items will prob be gotten thru the Help Santa mission that you get from the Xmas Leet(s)-- the oversized leet next to the big Xmas tree in Bor and prob OA and Rome Red. The mission itself has always been done in Meetmedere but no access if you dont get it.