180846 New Items

I don’t know how or where to get them, so don’t ask :stuck_out_tongue:

18.08.46 new items as a script(s) 18.08.46 New Items


But If I see it correctly, just Stuff for lvl 200+ from the new World bosses(?), that makes it a bit more regrettable to relog on to RK2019. Apart from not knowing how to find the revamped Worldbosses.

The bosses work similar as Loren Warr and the Hollow Reaper from the Birthday and Halloween events. Earlier I saw a global message:

A rejected creature claws its way up from below, on a lone island in Avalon. Hurry to coordinates X:2100 Z:280 in Avalon. It will be immortal for 15 minutes.

WOW what joke. Another EPIC fail by failc0m! Lets make it so only a few can get and use the items. What a way to make sure no one rejoins Rk2019.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Valkenfo — their last post was 10 months ago.

Imagine being this mad and uninformed. Meanwhile the RK19 family just enjoying ourselves.

New boss targets already dropping in full raids, AO discord bustling with flavor-of-the-month levelers/rerollers, population rising agai, general excitement, etc.

Should’ve rerolled a year ago, bud!

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But that didn’t make it better, regarding the requirements of the Items, so no benefit for Low level players, and no reason to return

Shoulda never left!

The " “of the Eight” armor really should be level based like Serpentine…

I just don’t post on the forums. I have been on rk2019 since launch. This was just a giant slap in the face to players who have been playing since beta.