1931 Down.....again

last 6 minutes…everyone booted, not allowing reentry.

im pretty sure we have all reported it down,over 20 votes,so hopefully they get on it quickly…

Where are you seeing these votes? Can I add my vote? This server crashes multiple times daily. It was tiring at first, now it’s getting to be a little absurd.

I would like to know this as well.

that’s the form we all use, but Where are you seeing the votes though? (" over 20 votes")

I’ll leave you with this. They DDOS the entire server cluster.

down again, for over 3 hours now, :chart_with_downwards_trend:

I tried over 12 hours ago…down…just tried again…still down. This is getting very frustrating.

Just crashed again.

#1944 down too. I play on both servers and I can’t connect to either lol

Wow you a racist to Asians, why you making up storys round eye.

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