1932 - Long time player and getting frustrated with the constant lag attacks

Long time player on server 1932, stopped playing for a few months because of the constant lag attacks by some players. Been playing again recently thought I would see if any of the bug fixes worked, but the server still seems to have the same issues.

This has been ongoing for well over a year at this point. Why is it so hard to stop players from ■■■■■■■■ up the server and making it unplayable for everyone else? It isn’t even a ping issue at this point, it is just pure lag. It is almost like clockwork come PVP time. Players from countries using Chinese characters in chat log in and stop the server in its tracks

Using a translator of their global chat typically will tell you they are PVP’ing someone, but the reset of the server can’t do anything.

Please take more drastic measures, ban their accounts black list their IPs or something!! Hell make the game cost a monthly fee and hire someone to monitor the servers.


yes something has to be done, you cannot have this kind of situation for more than one year… server again not accessible at all.

please take drastic measures to make undertand that to ddos server is not an acceptable behavior.

Came here to report this…AGAIN! I honestly believe that the influx of chinese players on this server may be the reason it is DDOsed solely during raid hours. It will go down during raid hours,then they stop and then it usually opens up like 20 minutes after,sometimes though it is down for days,and I actaully have a hunch of which clan it might be IF That is the issue. I hate to claim DDOsing but literally every single other server is fine but with this server it happens intermittently.

new ddos again today, impossible to connect to server for now more than 6 hours.

Again, pvp hours today, all of a sudden super laggy barely able to move. Takes 20-30 seconds to open doors or chests.

Hey there,

We’re currently testing some tools in our current Testlive branch that should mitigate this situation. Still no ETA on when it will be released live, as it depends on when the community and us feel confident about it.



Thank you for the response. I just hope those tools come quickly. More than half the people I knew do not play anymore because of this issue.


Hi ignasis, thanks for the information; but server 1932 is not working now for more than 3 days (impossible to connect). And week end is coming soon, is there really anything to do to have this server working ? please help.

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Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. I know that is one of the last official servers thriving, so it makes it even worse.

Yep it is still down after 3 days again

Anyway you cna turn fof the decay timer for that server? it is now on day four!

Sometimes I wish they would just wipe this server just to take out the trash, but after spending more than a year building it would really suck.


well soon to enter in the 5th days… why let people using those methods to win… why not change server ip to counter each ddos attack? and make loose money to people who are so lame to use ddos. may be i am wrong but well some solutions should exist…

We’ve poked GPortal regarding the current situation on this server, apologies for the frustration it has been causing.

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Its on ALL of them!

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