1945 keeps crashing abain

Server 1945 keeps crashing… again… can someone plz look into this… you can even check battlemetrics and see that it keeps goin down for a few minutes at a time… and it is the whole server not just me having connection issues

Just look at the battlemetrics… 11 crash’s and still going

Yeah, Official Server 1749 has crashed twice already. After the first crsh, I lost EVERYTHING on my character and was back at the start in the desert.

server number 1725 and 1905 are barfing as well.

same with server 1808 crashes in 5 to 10 mins of being up then down for 15 to 20 mins

1880 crashing all day. Can you move us to a new host or something? Server is really populated, 30+ online every night.

No they cannot fix this, It is not funcom or gportal. Read below

Thanks for pointing out the Level3 Issue, I’m just disappointed that this information wasn’t posted by a mod or a dev. Not trying to be rude but they should have made a public announcement about this because many people I know have lost a lot of gear because of this issue and none of us knew why. Thank you very much for that info!