1963 finally destroyed by dirty cheating scum that funcom have not been able to slow down or stop


Well done Funcom & the Conan Staff! Hackers Finally killed the last Popular Official Oce server.

A guy watching their Stream sent me this. But this is the type of stuff we’re dealing with. They’ve been able to loot any Vaults that are locked. They speedhack, they’ve got hacks that increase attack speed+ give them melee attacks from distance. (seems to be about 10 foundations) On a constant basis when raided they would ddoss the server and have made it impossible to do anything.


1963 is dead haha good.
Love nani

Yeah… OCE was dead long before this moment… but this was the last hold outpost for hope.

GG OCE… there were some fun times honestly… sad the owners of a franchise like this still don’t get or understand the power of moderation.

If i could get my money back i would.

you’re just a meshing trash player anyway lol. wont be missed. easiest clap oceanic

Same happening on 1032 now

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