1977 - The server is offline for more than 24 hours? It's common?

Rarely did I see the server offline, whenever I saw that I was offline, never mind, I would do something else, but the PvE conflict of the official server # 1977 is more than 7 hours offline? That happens? Maintenance or something? I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY THINGS!

Official server #1977 PvE Conflict - g-portal.us

Update: One day offline! 24 hours.
Update 2: Official server #1977 PvE Conflict - g-portal.us (Status: Dead) :sob:
Update 3: Is online! and everything is OK! :grin:

To report problems.


Yes im trying to log in now but is off

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When that happens contact Gportal … when your at the servers screen look at the bottom of the screen should show a way to contact Gportal to report about your server not showing up


Thanks strider i Will try it

conseguiram acessar o servidor? até agora nada pra mim estranho servidor oficial ficar tanto tempo assim fora sem aviso.

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Existe um site que mostra se o servidor tá offline ou é só pra você que não tá aparecendo. O pior que tá aparicendo que tá morto o servidor :frowning:


Status: dead

So…Where is the GM, Administrator to tell us what is happening? BattleMetrics says the 1977 Serve PVE C is dead…

a lot players already report Server is Down


Where is GM? Without any previous communication?

What is happening? 1977 dead

Hi guys the server 1977 is off, why?

I se the report to funcom in the server select creen, please send the report too, to do more sound of it

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Already do this

Where is Gm? nobody warns you, just leave the server off, there’s a lot, if the server doesn’t come back I stop playing this game, why not and the first time I have problems with these servers

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Somebody has a response of Funcom? I send varios emails, in the google docs link that dovah give, (is the same thing of the button in the left córner on the server select screen in game) and Friends of mine that play in this server too but no response

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Sorry of my english is poor xD isn’t my native lenguaje

Eu, meu marido, meu irmão, minha mãe já mandamos relatórios :Cara de maluco:

Até agora nada

Até agora nada, a última vez que vi isso acontecer 2 ou 3 dias OFFLINE o servidor resetou, forçando todos começarem do zero! Vamos torcer pra que isso não tenha acontecido. :sob:

So far nothing, the last time I saw it happen 2 or 3 days OFFLINE the server has reset, forcing everyone to start from scratch! Let’s hope this hasn’t happened. :sob:

If they happen, i won’t play the fame anymore

Is online! and everything is OK!

We have increased XP rates on all official servers until April 3rd. Stay safe and have fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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