1H/Shield and the Radial Menu (console perspective)

Xbox lifer (say sorry) checking in with a thought. I dunno if PC has the same issues, but at least over here… it’d be so nice if we could optionally stack a shield (or ideally any off hand gear) onto a 1h weapon in the radial menu the same way you stack arrows onto a bow, then ready both with a single input.

I just don’t think a shield should have to take up its own spot on the menu.

1: From a gameplay perspective, not only do you sacrifice one of the limited spots available, but you also need to input two commands to equip both.

2: From a realism perspective, readying your sword and shield should be no more complicated than readying your bow, or any other weapon that requires two hands. Definitely not twice as complicated.

Anyway, I been playing this game since day one on the Xbox, and love it to meaty little bits. Thanks for hearing my humble thoughts on it.


It would also be nice if when I tap the right hand 2nd trigger that it would automatically wield the items that were last selected. It’s an addictive shortcut, especially for 1h/shield.


I agree and think about this often. I also wish the shield was a little more responsive. I feel like it has a really sluggish or lazy mechanic when raising your shield.


I am on the other console and I feel it would be a great idea. Plenty of times equipped weapon and shield :shield: and one does not come up.

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Have you tried wearing a shield without using the other hand to help? Especially if you have the shield slung over your shoulder. “Twice as complicated” doesn’t begin to describe the situation.

Gameplay-wise, I kinda like your suggestion. It would be nice to be able to save a quick slot. But as far as I understand how the game operates the items, if you have a sword and a shield “stacked”, swapping to a torch would unequip both your sword and your shield, or swapping to an axe would also put the shield away. What you’d gain on quick equipping, you’d lose on versatility.

I do sympathize with controller users - on a keyboard equipping weapon and shield is so much faster and easier. I hate radial menus.


To be fair, wearing swords on one’s back generally means they are not going to be easily readied… If we are concerned with realism.

On the one hand, it is odd that some weapons are paired and others are somewhat ad hoc.
On the other, this one’s preference for close melee is short sword and shield, but first we tenderize with orbs or javelins. Having the shield detached from the weapon is a boon in this case. The guard can stay mostly up while the offense shifts.

Mixed feelings from this one, however as an option this one would support it.

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OK since you mentioned reality I remembered a shield I made 30 plus years ago it would have to be laying down to get it on one handed definitely not from your back. Made from a plow disc I found in Gramps junk pile

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