1st Purge - Rather Disappointing

So tonight, I get my first Purge.
First off, I thought it was a Clan thing. Myself and one other, in a Clan together, both get a warning that a Purge is about to happen, nice, but only I had the red crossed swords on my map, the other clan member didn’t have it on their map.

So I was thrilled, seen a few Purges on the YT. So donned my best armour, sharpened my sword, filled my pockets with potions and headed off the the location of the Purge for “The Big Fight”

IMPS !!! WTF ???
“You get there to find huge groups of Imps, all up for a fight and swamping you with viscous attacks” might ask?

4 … yes 4 imps !! Single hit, wait for the next wave…

Hooray, another attack incoming, great … wait, where are they ? Oh, they are over there, attacking someone else’s base? not even my house !

Oh, this is a bigger Purge, 5 of them this time, took and extra second or two to deal with this lot.

Another Purge on its way, “oh goodie, there must be a boss in this group” you might think…

4 more regular imps, and 1 fat/taller one. I was swinging my sword as I turned to great him, a single hit and he fell to the ground !!

Purge Over !

I couldn’t believe I ran all that way… PMSL.

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I play on a dedicated server with amped up purge settings. I got 5-6 waves of hyenas, were-hyenas, and a named thrall that I captured this morning. It was fun. It all depends on character level, server setting, and base location. I think imps are the lowest level purge.

The base being attacked was outside the Sinner’s Refuge, so yes, in a low level area.
This was on an Official PvE server, and every member of our Clan is Lv60.

I know they will be harder elsewhere, when it ever happens. :slight_smile:

First Purge was on my personal server. About 4 Darfari Archers, died in 1-2 hits. Purge setting: Level 1

Second was on another server I play on. About 20 Dire Wolves and a named Vanir Archer. Purge Setting: Level 5

The second one was pretty heinous as we had iron weapons, and the server settings have NPCs dealing 10% more damage, take 10% less, and players take 10% more damage.

It all depends on the difficulty level the servers are set at. Official servers are notoriously namby-pamby with their server settings so that people don’t get frustrated.

I have fought one purge, it was on a community server and was level 6 with a 40 minute duration. Over 10 waves of Hyena and were-hyena which spawned all over. Went through two ancient swords and several hundred snake arrows. Was finally victorious, however since they were beasts there were no spoils to be had. I had one named archer thrall appear to attack me, however due to the chaos going on I had to kill him.

Overall, quite fun. You need to play on a “real” server and not the official ones. Sorry, Funcom, I love the game and will play the bajeezus out of it, but the real experience is on community servers.

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Oh no, my base in starter area got purged by starter area mobs.

Could you not read the humour in the post mate… must have passed you by.