★★ 2/15[US CN HK KR JP]PVP Noobland[3X]Asia ★★

Conan beginners can practice fighting on PVP servers and grow bigger and bigger to create servers.

The scale is three times. 0.2 times the slave, 4 hours on a 4 tee basis. (2 teas will make it faster)

If your house is robbed, you can hide and prepare for revenge.

Managers never get involved.

We don’t use it in admin mode, and we’ll catch the visible core.

If you really want to play a strong and fun game on PVP, please come!

You have to be robbed to learn, and you have to kill a lot to learn.

Server free time is from Monday to Saturday from 20:00 to 00:00

(Recovery time) No Sunday.

Thank you.