2.2 again without DLC?

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Yeah after they mentioned addressing the combat for 2.2 I was hoping for a complete combat overhaul, one that’s close to something like Dark Souls or something simple like Mount and Blade.

Sadly only stamina and shield changed (with a lot of bug fixes)… nothing to get exited for playing if you ask me…

I still think (besides the bugs it had) the combat at release was a way better than the current combat… currently the combat is boring and very linear.

Yes… rope bridges… those that work like horizontal elevators when placing

No one wants to build a treebase with skinny pillars connecting the current pieces over a longer distance.
Or connect a cliff to the other side…

I… we… want this:


What they should have done is to allow the 4 foundation length rope bridge that we currently have to be counted as one piece, which then means we can stack it out all the way to 16 lengths before losing stability. As of right now, all we can have is 8 lengths, with both sides needing foundation block.

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Or you could just…find another game, one with perfect mechanics and no bugs. Honestly the manchild crying gets old. Your posts are on the edge of constructive, yet salty. Comparing the endless FP shooter games of Valve to CE is amusing. Talk about cut and paste gaming…


I’m about to Hit 10 Times what you currently played and i am far from over with this game. I am also not saying that “i have X amounts of hours and this has to be done this way”, is just how i envision the Future of Conan Exiles, how could Funcom bring back players that already own the game but stopped cause of exploits or not Willing to try private Servers.

I started anew Last Sunday on a private pvp server, Must say that After so much time i still have a blast in this game.

We Survived.We conquered. And the most important we have adapted!!

Unfortunately adapting to nerfs or removal of Items is not fun. That is the SINGLE reason why i prefer fixes above NEW content. If any NEW content comes is more then welcomed, but we all seen These past years that by adding NEW content over and over again does not bring players back…it drives them away because of all this NEW additions break something in the game…

PS: I experienced some really nasty AI problems yesterday while playing which were not here before 2.2 . New patch, NEW things fixed, but at the same time other things get broken in the process.

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I would agree with most of what you said except this.
When horses were introduced, we saw a huge surge of returning players.
Everytime a new DLC is introduced, we see a huge surge of returning players.
My point is that most haven’t “quit” the game, they just get bored and wait for new releases.


You might be right JJ, as long as Funcom aims for seasoned players.

But we know that this is not the case. Most people that are left and currently playing the game are “veterans” with 1000+ hours.

A NEW player that he comes to play but only finds a empty Base because someone just went through his Base Walls and looted his stuff…he will exit, delete the game and never come back.

The game is not NEW player friendly at all, especially on Siptah.


Agreed. Especially not PVP. I don’t think PVP officials is ANY non cheating player friendly, why I don’t play it.

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Unfortunately yes. Officials are currently harsh for anyone new to the game. I will give official another try when the servers will receive a wipe or at release of Siptah.

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Just a friendly reminder… about wipes official server:

They stated there will be no server wipes on official in latest dev stream.

And I really hope they don’t break their promise… wiping has often a negative impact on loyal players. If you really care about wipes play unofficial.

Hi again friends, we can disagree with each other but please avoid ad hominem attacks when doing so.


@Coty. Yes, you must, new players need veterans like you. Not only to teach them how to play but how to do correct pvp. For many players, bring the opponent to ashes is the only option. For me this is wrong, pvp players must pvp without the need of total destruction of the opponent, this is not a game, this is hate and hate is not fun. You can only enjoy pvp fights if you have good opponents isn’t it? Please stay around and teach the others how to play and have fun.

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I know and i really hope that they find a way to fix/remove the 50 all stats without a wipe.

Time will Tell i guess.

  • heavy breathing*

You have just described EVERY single game company in existence. So either give up on gaming or get over it already. You think this is the buggiest game out there? Or the one with the most exploiters / hackers? Guess again.


Sadly I have to agree. The majority of the games nowadays came out with game-breaking bugs, flaws, and just feel…unfinished.
And it takes ~2-3 years to become the game as it should be (in the form of GOTY for example). I would rather wait an extra year than being nervous because I paid for a game that still “in developement”.
That’s why I’ve waited a year to buy Conan Exiles, but I was stupid when I purchased another 2 games when they came out.
That does not mean that a company can not mess up the whole game later on, with a bigger update (borderlands enhanced edition khmmm…) though.

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cold armor is as scarce as the regions that require it, they could solve both in a single update

While I personally tell myself that I would not buy another cultural DLC pack should it be released, the fact of the matter is that I would probably end up relenting and buying it anyway. Especially being a console player as we have havent recieved any new content since the Architects of Argos pack back in May 2020 now.

While I would likely cave-in, I would still love to see some of the ideas other players have mentioned here, and I am now very weary of the same old mold; weapon & armor skins, T3 building pieces, saddles, and a small handful of placeables (most commonly more fancy tables, chairs and torches). I so wish that they would just try something different! For example as we discussed…

This. A whole bunch of players past and present have been clamouring for some new storage options for as far back as I can remember. We have had calls for a Chest of Drawers, a Bookcase, Storage Barrels, and the ability to store items in certain Kegs. We still only have the one beaten up skin of a Cupboard, the same old 2 Chests, and a monstrous Vault. Please consider adding some more storage options.

This rolee9309 is another one which a chorus of people have been calling for for a considerable time, and in respectable numbers. Some more agricultural themed fearures, and to expand upon existing one. I started a Poll to call for and gauge interest in Fruit Trees some time ago now. It was extremely popular, and the results were virtually unanimous in support of the concept:

Some patches of placeable fertile soil or some larger Planters, say around ~2-6+ or so planters in size, would be so openly welcomed. But as I also suggested in past threads, there is also potential for more more agricultural aspects involving the Animal Pens. This happens to overlap with what my buddy @stelagel said here:

While the Animal Pens already have some great passive item production ideas in place (eg-rocknoses producing iron, spiders producing ichor, etc), there is still much potential to expand upon these concepts. For example, Shoebills could passively generate eggs, Goats could passively generate milk, and so forth.


To be honest the only way I can think on that type of rope bridge is for it to look like the ones now when placing and say it’s straight and you connect it from one side to the other and hit complete it then falls some in the middle and then it functioned like you want but the way we currently I build system for what you want maybe difficult or ugly the way it works now but if it did that still with a distance not like stability but length I think that doing it that way may function better than just place piece by piece

That can be solved by a maximum lenght, and a minimum height compared to length.