2.3 update now everyone is use to it?

So I wasn’t sure about the new tables I like them but the size was over whelming and as a mostly solo player I like to be hidden in cracks and caves.
So i thought great that’s out the window. I wasn’t sure about the stamina system.

But the new crafting is a lot better, for 1 you don’t need the big benches. Improved is all you need to make everything and a t4 thrall.

I saw a lot of complaints about the size but you don’t need to use them.
And the stamina now I’m use to it actually it’s a lot better.
For 1 when climbing I’m the ice region.
How many times have you had to try and remove armour to climb up a cliff to then get extremely cold and take a lot of fall damage.

I often forget to bring mulled brew or fire water.
So the ability to be able to climb in my cold weather gear is a massive bonus. Especially when you need to climb for star metal.

I was annoyed by the inability to roll when over encumbered at first but actually it’s good when being raided that people can’t just roll away.

Unless they have given up the vitilaty for full encumbrance, it kind of makes a balance and forces more strategy in taking stuff.

And it now gives people who fight in heavy armour a better chance.
I still personally still use medium because its easier to avoid attacks and attack from the back when they miss.


That’s refreshing!

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