2.4 broke our server. Demoralized at this point

This is an explanation of the frustration it has been to be a PvP player on this game. We’ve had a private server running that we started with official pvp rates since every real official pvp server goes unmoderated and is filled with exploiters and hackers. The crashes in 2.3 were pretty frustrating but relatively bearable. Now, 2.4 has brought new crashes and the coding for this game is so unbelievably bad that you can’t even figure out where the crash is coming from as the log just says “no value, null, action taken” etc. 300x until it crashes.

Well, today this happened. The crash corrupted our whole game file and rolled it back 5 hours. It will most likely continue to crash and roll back at any point since funcom definitely doesn’t know whats happening and we’d have to wait weeks-months for a fix.

I’m honestly just exhausted with this company and this struggle. This is probably my favorite game but I have to actively work against the companys incompetence to the point that it become’s futile and bad for my health.

Officials are filled with hackers? Solution: Report them, they rarely get banned
New solution? Make a server where exploiting can be managed
What happens? Funcoms own game code breaks the server continuously
New solution? Wait for 2.4, they’ve gotta get it right this time, right? RIGHT?
Final outcome: Unplayable due to crashes of unknown origin, corrupted game files, huge rollbacks insane frustration, a company that couldn’t care less about timeliness or people’s experience because they’re too busy ERPing.

Sorry, we tried. Just, god DAMN.

P.S. before anyone asks, there are no mods installed on the server and it was restarted and reinstalled 4 times by the server host: it is 100% a game coding issue

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Weird, I am hosting 2 servers at the moment on my own hardware and recently was running one with a host. I never had crashes during the 2.3 update, and my servers on my hardware are running fine with 21 mods.

Are you sure there was no issue with the host files or hardware?

How many people are on your 2 servers?

We had around 15 on the Siptah server at most. How many were on yours?

30-40+ at raid time. Since no one knows what causes the glitch, it’s likely exponentially more likely with an increased population. In 2.3 just stupid stuff like looting a bag too large could crash a server.

I remember some people mentioned in the admins discord issues with higher pop PvP servers during 2.3.

Yeah, that is frustrating. Has your host tried different hardware or just reinstall on the same machine?

Sad to hear about your issues. I wish I could help but that is beyond my capabilities.

My Siptah server just crashed with 2 players online, log spammed with null assests blah blah blah. I’ll have to look through it more though.

Multiple reinstalls and restarts and 3 different machine changes, it’s definitely the game itself. Seems to be just about anything can crash it at this point. The entire code is messed up.

Only questions I have, did you do a clean install (no backup data) to see the server is stable - I would assume you have already but only asking to be thorough.

Any mods?
If you do run with mods, one of the mods might be the cause.

If the clean install works but the backup data does not, it might have corrupted data in the back up. You would probably have to go to a backup that is older that would work.

These are the only suggestions I have at this time. I am not an IT person so I can give you advice based on my limited knowledge and experience.

One other suggestion, you might want to post this in the bug forums so it would be noticed faster by Funcom support.

Are you having this issue?

@Sir.Henry.Vale I doubt it is the same issue they are having, because the person in that thread is talking about the server crash that was introduced with 2.3. This issue was fixed with 2.4 for us the PC users.

I assume op is talking about this issue + potentially something else:
LogStreamableManager:Error: RequestAsyncLoad called with empty or only null assets!

True, but thought to ask to cover all bases.

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