2.4 PvP Changes Makes the game less fluid and less enjoyable

now imagine group pvp and not just 1v1. ahahahaha. and people say these changes are good.


As 1 of the owners of the most Hardcore PvP EU/RU Server
Is a real sad moment to see PvP going this bad, you did 1 great thing that was
remove the 1 Hand animation cancel by using (rope,bindings,shield, e.e).
But this unwield is really really bad if was the 2.3 unwield mixed with this 1 Hand animation cancel block would be so good.

Then there is Healing Part we know Ambrosia is part of the Past but we need 1 kind of Food that allows you to heal wile on
movement, and not as hard to farm as Ambrosia was.

Really hope Funcom Review this changes and brings back the PvP allot of good Players and i mean allot are stoping Conan
as we speak untill a good change comes in hand.


Most of the PvP community does not support such changes due to the lack of sense in changing the animation for all weapons. People asked to fix the cancellation of the animation with an throwing axe or rope. And in response, we received a change in mechanics that worked for 3 years. This is a big blow to the game mechanics in general and the control of the character, because now it has become simply inconvenient to play this game. There have been many updates to which we have adapted. But this change just doesn’t make sense. And please fix the fuс**** poison display bug on the weapon. ty


Fix ambrosia as the main heal, completely disarm you in a fight against zerg. I say this as an experienced senior zerg specialist


Most of these players here don’t use macros… and aren’t complaining about the offhand cancelling (the one people made macros/scripts for)

We want the to cancel animation by putting the weapon away and pulling it back out back.

I know to some there is zero difference and both are looked at in a negative way but to the “hardcore” pvp community all we want is the freedom of our movement back and being able to react to certain situations.

As it currently stands since the update you get hit simply because you’re stuck in an animation which is just bad gameplay. The combat isn’t fluid, the healing sucks and it’s not fun. PvP in this game based on the combat needs an instant heal that you can do while on the move and with how the combat works in this game we need a way to be able to react to incoming attacks. ie cancelling our own animation so we can move

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The problem is that you can get damage before end of attack…latency buffer so to speak…That was the issue…if you cancel at just the right time you get freedom of movement plus the dmg…if it was just canceling and no damage then I can see it as a tactic. 7nstead animation canceling is really a way to get the damage reward without risk of committing to the attack itself.


Bring Back unwield plz… it seems like you (Funcom) are treating the game like its still early access. without unwield the fast responsive gameplay is gone and becomes very clunky and slow. Now u gonna stand and look at your charactor, locked in an animation getting slaugthered be 10 NPC´s because u cant get the specific one. you want to knock out.
Offhand animation cancel with rope/throwing axe, shield, Torch was good to get rid off and one of the best changes for a long time to fight against the unintended spamming and use of overpowered macros.
I share the same oppinion as alot of others with 4k to 10k hours in the game and play the game everyday. The changes/removel of Unwield will kill the fun in the gameplay for many. cant change core mechanics like this that makes the game frustrading and slow after 3 years and expect people to stay…


3 years? Wasn’t there an overhaul of combos about 2 years ago? You know where the 2h got a “finisher” instead of kick and shield/throwing axe got “dual wield” animations…so do you want the animations from 3 years ago as a purest or just the animations that you like?

I want to not stand AFK like a statue after trying to make a kick. I don’t quite understand what you mean by talking about some animations that have been changed. After the official release of the game, you could cancel every hit without waiting for the cancellation. There were many changes to combos and weapon animations, but in general, you could always cancel a hit. But for some reason, they decided to change this after 3 years

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yes unwield was never the problem… offhand animation cancel with rope was…!


Here Ye Here Ye I agree ! The off hand needs to be fixed but this was to extreme. PvP feels awfull without basic cancels and no heals.


yes there was many changes… but we dont want changes that makes the game less responsive and fewer options in combat…!

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I don’t get why people think running in circles for 2 hours until someone runs out of heals is great pvp.

Not a lot of people do unequip/equip on PS4 and people still pvp.

You guys are like “It’s so annoying when I can see I’m about to miss with my rifle, I want the bullet back, having to reload is so clunky” lol


LOL exactly. I missed my spam heavy attack spam right clicking my mouse so I should be able to stop in the middle of the attack and heal. It is so unfair. . . . Gitgud

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The fact is that by slowing down the cancellation of the animation, people still run for 2 hours in a circle, and this does not change the situation at all, but just makes PvP awkward.


the people against animation cancel in this thread don’t even pvp :joy:


Then there’s apparently no need for insta-heal :stuck_out_tongue:

CE pvp (fighting) has always been awkward :man_facepalming:

I love the pvp side of CE. I love scouting, raiding, defending, the risk, the reward… But the fighting? it sucks lol.

just need to add more healing to food. like x2. and heal must be interruptible by dmg
ambrosia was to OP cuz of that
also i think potion healing need to be interruptible by dmg too.

agree with you, good suggestion

I’ve adapted on every patch that has come out until now. This is gonna break the PvP. This will be the end of the hardcore pvpers out there. You simply cannot do this without listening to those who actually see this game for what it is and have been here since the start. This is by far the best PvP game i have played for many years. You are about to destroy it. Not only for me but for most of the PvP community out there. #pleasechange