2.4 SIPTAH purges , always " a patrol of accursed" official server?

in the last 4 or 5 purges and regardless of location, all of them came as a “patrol of accursed”. all of the other purge types seems gone. is this intentional?

i am guessing the purrge map in the wiki, is no longer a thing?

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Exiled Lands ?
Didn’t run enough around on EL these days, more Siptah.

Siptah sorry forgot to say it

updated the topic to reflect this bug affects siptah only.

I have had the Army of Nords purge as well, but only those 2 since 2.4 dropped. I’ve been using the Convergence Trap so I’ve had about 8 purges. Mostly Nords, I think 2 Accursed. I’m also in Elder Thing territory but I’ve only ever gotten one of those and it was before 2.4. I know friends on the same server on the opposite side of the map have had Black Corsair and also Accursed. Previous they were not getting Accursed but they’re located on the sw side of the map near the added Isle of Dusk. I think it’s safe to assume the purge map changed, but what to I haven’t seen anything updated for it yet.

Edit: Updated to change Siptah to 2.4 as that’s what I meant when I wrote it.

this purges you say happened to you were on 2.4? or 2.3? 2.3 did had a wide variaty of purges. but for some reason i am only seeing accursed ones. and not only me, but every1

Apologies, I said since Siptah dropped up above when I meant since 2.4 dropped. Most of my purges have been forced via Convergence Trap and I don’t know if that’s different but I’ve had both Accursed and Nords (mostly Nords). I know several different friends of mine on the SW side got Accursed purges (not forced) since 2.4 when they previously never got Accursed. Another friend in the same area got a Black Corsair purge last night, again a normal non-trap purge.

Just wanted to add, I had a normal purge today which wrapped up about an hour ago. I used the Convergence Trap and spawned another. Both were Accursed. More Dalinsea’s are always nice but maybe if it’s not a guaranteed, it’s definitely rather high across the map now. That’s 3 in a row for me as my last purge was also Accursed.

I had a purge on Siptah 2.4 single player a few days ago and it was Accursed also. I was surprised because I wasn’t in the zone on the map. But happy too since I only seem to get Harpies where I am at.

It would be great if they ditched the map and just made things random.

I had the experimental zombie purge somewhere in the west mountains and a purge with maelstrom stuf. I think it’s just your luck.
I also had the accursed purge which I don’t feel bad about. It got me 2 wheels of purge fighters, hehe.

Had just a new purge this evening, Black corsairs this time. To say, i have a base on island of Threa, so that’s kind of normal.
Was fun, my fighters did well, and i could nearly just sit back and watch, or handle my truncheon.
Got an armorer, yaie ! Some fighters, unfortunalety 2 named killed, by the cats.

we got another accursed patrol, something is broken. besides that human purge never brings crafters… only archers and fighters (3 waves)

Problem, it’s hard to compare SP and server, and how they act and react. That’s nothing new. I do many tests in SP for the ease, i haven’t simply the time to play on many servers.

And at my surpise, for me (in my SP tests) at least purge is triggering, what wasn’t still the case. Will see what it gives on alternate places, and over time.
I was really surprised to see 4 named in the same purge. 2 was killed by my cats, still nice, even if just black corsairs.
But i remember we had similar problems with only human purges on the Exiled Lands.

In my nord purges it’s not uncommon for me to walk away with 3-5 crafters knocked out in the wheel, but that’s a large purge with over 300 enemies and a pretty big variance in what those crafters can be. It does seem to repeat for the waves, i.e. I’ve gotten 2 of the same tanner, 2 of the same overseer, 2 of the same smelter repeatedly in a nord purge. It also has bears mixed in with the last wave so the strat of just putting truncheons on thralls and letting them knock everything out doesn’t work unless I get into the mix and help kill the bears and Lagertha’s that spawn. I’ve had multiple of her too in the last wave. My accursed purges usually do not have a crafter at all. Rarely there’s a taskmaster, I got one off the first purge I had today that was normal, nothing off the second accursed purge I spawned with the Convergence Trap. But I did get 2 Dalinsea’s and a whole lot of the high hp but 1.76 damage multiplier ones such as Markos, Frida, Oyvand, etc. I don’t even use those anymore so I just pile them up in my gas pit and orb them to death with the unnamed.

dalinsia is not a nord its a cimmerian . how could dalinsia pop in a nord purge?

She didn’t. You skimmed and missed me changing from talking about my experiences with a nord purge to my experiences with accursed purges.

true , apologies , i think i speed read way too fast, and did not got the exact meaning of your sentence. there.

No sweat :slight_smile: it happens.

where exactly do you have your place to get that nordheimer purge

I have a small bridge that goes to land there with a short tower with archers on it just in front of the bridge to draw the purge there.