2 best thralls 'decayed' on single-player

My 2 best thralls ‘decayed’ because I ‘was offline for too long’, this is what log says.
One thrall was Lianeele with nearly perfect stats and perks, the other was cimmerian berserker pretty decent too.
I was playing alone on my PC, locally, not on any ‘server’ online, single player mode.
Is there a way I can get those thralls back? We all know how many days or even weeks we can spend hunting rare spawns, then rng rolling them into good shape regarding perks and stats.
I need my thrall back, I dont have time and dedication to spend another month ingame restoring what was take away from me in obvious bug.
Meanwhile I change my review on Steam to negative and removing everything from wishlist related to this company.

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Spawn them using the admin panel and level them with console commands.

Feed them elixirs of rebirth until you get the traits you want.

And honestly… it’s really, really not worth hunting for ‘perfect’ thralls.

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I dont want to use console because its cheating.
I do need all the best to beat the challenges because I play alone.
Why do they even change the game with all those ‘Ages’, its not an mmo.

Check your backup save files

Copy-paste everything in another folder before anything else.
Then delete “game.db” which is your current save file.
Rename any “game_backup_XX.db” to “game.db”, launch the game, check the state of things in that backup file :eyes:

Try to find the most recent backup file where your thralls still exist, and if that doesn’t work then it’s a bug due to the update and no backup will bring them back.

Good luck.

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There were only 3 “game_backup…db” files, tried them all to rename into game.db, no thrall present in any of those backups. Thats means they’re gone forever, right?

Well yeah, RIP

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Too bad.
Well, thanks for help. I’m done with this company. Have a nice one.

You don’t want to use ADMIN commands, that’s a fair point, but if you only use it to fix things they broke, well you might be able to justify it to yourself, assuming you can control yourself and keep the genie in the bottle, I have found solo play to be very relaxing and with the addition of the creative mode you can essentially pause the game in solo play, when life comes calling, unexpectedly, as it does.

The term ‘game breaking’ has been hotly debated in the Forums, (sorcery could theoretically crash your console for example) is game breaking for one person, another person can keep playing the game in solo or on official server, and not use sorcery for 5 months or so until FUNCOM eventually massages the console crashing bugs out.

Lianeele ID: Forgotten_Tribe_Entertainer_4_Cimmerian
do an Admin import, converted or not, dealers choice.
(Unconverted, box not checked she will appear and try to take your head off). After “be-friending” your newest bestie, she still needs to be re-levelled, by fighting and ensuring the food is appropriate for example fish gives bonus to Dexterity stats, Steak gives bonus to Vitality, Gruel +14% per level towards Strength increasing at level up.

And once you hit level 20 use a potion of Rebirth to massage your lvl 10/15/20 stats to more appropriate to your liking.

It is not cheating, it is actually pretty grindy replacing multiple level 20 followers that have whoopsy-daisied away for no reason, or because of an unforeseen coding error that got past quality control.

We have been spawning in followers for years, after they fell through the mesh randomly and drowned. Or stayed stuck undermesh, or disappeared and left no trace in the logs. So many errors. It’s not cheating, it is a creative workaround offered by the creators to a game with many moving parts, to play a game that has had many, many growing pains in its 5 or so year lifespan so far. It’s not cheating to fix something somebody else broke. They didn’t mean to, but it got broken, they gave you the tools to fix it, if you are so inclined, all the best.

Good Luck out there Exile.
Online player until 2023.
Solo Player (part-time) 2023 til present.


Hello @Yasik and welcome to the community! I am a purely Offline Singleplayer myself, and have been since launch. I am sorry to hear that you have lost two thralls. There is no way Funcom can provide you with thralls specific you lost. But I do agree with other members, that you should spawn the converted versions using the Admin Panel. And I would politely argue that it is not cheating if you had already obtained them honestly through fair play, and that your losing them was no fault of your own, but the unfortunate biproduct of a bug. Case in point, I have used admin to recover shrines lost while upgrade from T2 to T3, thralls trapped inside the map, and disappeared assets. It is also worth noting that you can increase their levelling speed to get them back to level 20 faster. To this go to Settings > Server Settings > Progression > and adjust ‘Player XP Rate Multiplier’ upwards. It has been a while simce I have done so myself, but I am sure this was the correct setting. However a friendly :warning: Caution to yourself and others: this is also shared with the player characters own levelling rates. Meaning that if you are not yet level 60, it will also increase your own levelling speed. But once we are level 60, it has no impact on player characters.

Completely agree @Damon! :+1:


I agree with CROMS Faithful completely you should not be punished for a glitch. I will say having 2 private servers once you dip into admin it can be difficult not to go back. Rubber band around wrist snap hard to prevent admin use. @Croms_Faithful didn’t know about using the that setting for thralls we are going to be bad. @Yasik


Something to consider if you take breaks on Single-Player: turn decay off on both buildings and followers. It’s not like your buildings bother anyone else there.

I would’ve imagined that’s the default option on Single-Player anyway, but I’m not sure because it has been a long time since I last started from scratch.

I can respect not wanting to cheat with admin commands. That’s how I play too. If I lose something due to my own mistakes or lack of preparation, that’s on me to replace. (In your case, I’d also accept my responsibility of losing things to decay if the reason was a server setting I could’ve changed but didn’t.) But if something disappeared due to a bug and wasn’t reliably replaceable, I’d at least consider admin-spawning it. As an example, I added a weapon modification to a Blade of the Adventurer some time ago, and the whole sword ended up vanishing without a trace or explanation. In the end I decided not to admin-replace it because the sword wasn’t essential.


I can completely relate to your perspective on not wanting to cheat using admin commands here. It’s commendable that you take responsibility for your own mistakes or lack of preparation, acknowledging that it’s up to you to replace any lost items as a result. In the situation you described, where something disappeared due to a bug and couldn’t be reliably replaced, it’s understandable to consider admin-spawning it. It’s important to weigh the impact of the lost item and its significance in the game. In your specific case, since the sword wasn’t essential, you made the decision not to admin-replace it, which demonstrates your commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game. Overall, your approach aligns with fair play and maintaining a balanced gaming experience.

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