2 Broken Robots in the Starting Area

There are 2 ‘Malfunctioning Cleaning Robots’ that for a couple of days now, have been sitting idle on the starting platform where you first load in.

I noticed that there was a lag spike a few (3?) nights ago (this was also when Aquest bot went down and hasn’t been back up since, /sad), and since then one of the bots became immobile and non-interactive (you can’t initiate combat with them or kill them). The next day, I noticed another robot glitched out right next to it and so now there are 2 bots less spawning on the starting platform.

While this may not be a pressing issue, it’s certainly inconvenient at times where a handful of players are in the same area fighting over re-spawns (because, apparently, a number of vets camp still camp these bots to get all 8 sub-combine parts to be used later for the shoulder pads quests long after you have left Arete).

I mention this also because I’ve seen a number of melee players, including myself, start a new character only to be unable to advance my first quest because some ranged players sit in this spot for a while camping the bots, pressing TAB+Q and killing everything faster than the melee’s can reach their target… so restarting this instance might fix these 2 broken robots so we have more re-spawns to go around for new characters (when there’s enough players to spawn another instance, the second instance does not have the glitched robots, just the first/main one).



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Hi Veronica, thanks very much for your report. I jostled the malfunctioning cleaning robots a little and they should be scooting around again as expected. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the future, in order to allow us to help you with stuck NPCs like this as quickly as possible, I recommend submitting an in-game petition under the “Stuck” category. Please include a copy/paste of your extended location information with the report, as well. You can check extended location information by using “Shift+F9” on your keyboard.

This includes not only your character’s exact location in the zone, but their game server and instance data, so we can be sure we’re checking the exact mobs you’re reporting.

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