2 Bugs Discovered

First one has to do with Arena building pieces, not sure if this is as intended, but I have all DLC, not sure if this happens with all DLC items or just the Arena stuff but a buddy of mine doesnt have the Arena structure DLC, if I craft the pieces however he can still place them, also if I drop them on the ground and he picks them up it still works fine and he can place them as normal. However if he goes to pick up a placed building piece, i.e he picks up a foundation (not dismantle but pick up) the building piece gets removed but then does not appear in his inventory afterwards, it essentially just disappears, I am assuming it has something to do with not having the DLC as if I pick up the same building pieces they appear in my inventory afterwards as normal. Anyone else experienced this?

Second thing is to do with loot bags, I’m sure people have noticed that loot bags can actually be moved around with a building template, e.g. you throw 10k ironstone on the floor and it appears as a bag, you then take out a box or something to place but dont place it, just move the template around and you can actually push the loot bag around with the template. this then causes a desync between your client and other players, I tested this with a friend, on my client I can see the lootbag moving around, but my friend still sees it in the same place unmoved. however I can still pick up the lootbag from it’s new moved location, and my buddy can still pick it up from it’s orignal unmoved location.

We tested it by me moving a lootbag that my friend dropped to 5 foundations away from him, on my client the lootbag is now 5 foundations away from him, but he sees it as still being right in front of him, He then picks up the bag it it disappears for me and into his inventory, so on my client it looks like he managed to pick up a bag from 5 foundations away, we then ran the test again but this time after moving the bag away from him, I then pick it up, and the same result, the bag disappears for him and into my inventory, effectively looking like I just picked up the bag from 5 foundations away. I can see there being many many ways to exploit this, the most obvious being to get around encumbrance, as long as the bag doesnt despawn you can effectively farm more than your inventory can hold by dropping what you cant hold onto the floor and using a box template to push it to your base, then just pick it up when you dump the stuff you are carrying, also can help with transportation of resource as other players cant see the bag your are moving only you can, so if you say drop 30 explosives on the floor of your base as a bag then begin moving it with a template to somewhere else and someone manages to kill you on your journey, they still cant see the bag or access it and have no idea you even had 30 explosives at all, in fact on their client the bags are still sitting safely on the floor of your base and can be picked up by a teammate anytime.

Probably a good idea to have this patched…

Something I am going to test tonight is if after moving the lootbag away from him, if he drops something new does it appear for me as new lootbag infront of him or does it get added to the already existing lootbag that although looks to be in front of him on his cloent, has actually been moved by me and is now a few foundations away. If it does then one can essentially create a kind of wormhole effect between lootbags, you just drop something on the floor and move it to another area, then as items are dropped into the lootbag on the other persons client which is still appearing as being in front of them the other player then picks those resources up from the lootbag he has essentially moved using a placeables template

No not duplication at all, as I said once one player picks up the lootbag it disappears on both clients, it is more the fact that the bag can be picked up from different locations once it has been moved using a building template, but the items inside it remain the same and not duplicated.

But the intention of this post is indeed to share the bug with everyone so that light is shed on it and hopefully a patch will fix this.


The rest should be submitted in a proper format (PC Bug section in your case) on the correct section of the forums.


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Thank you for the clarification on how to submit bugs.

As for the intentional reply you gave, I am not sure if you understood, the fact that he can place DLC items I craft was not the bug in question, I’m saying thats the normal part and what I would expect, the bug is that if he picks up a placed structure piece of said DLC, it does not populate in his inventory after picking it up, i.e he picks up structure piece using pick up radial wheel and item then disappears, but if I pick it up using the radial wheel it populates in my inventory as normal.

Only if I drop the piece on the floor or he picks it up from a container does it then populate in his inventory, if he picks up the already placed structure it just disappears and does not get put into his inventory.

You’re not supposed to be able to pick up placed structure pieces such as walls and foundations. Are you using a mod that allows this?

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You’re right, read it a bit fast. See Kapoteeni’s reply in that instance.

Yes it is on a private server running mods

If it’s a bug that relates to a feature granted by a mod, it’s best to contact the mod’s author. Funcom can’t really do anything about that.


Yeah for that pick up bug I will have to as it isn’t relating to a vanilla game feature.

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