2 explosive jars to kill a guy logged out while using entertainer heals?

So last night I raid someone’s fort and find that I can’t kill this guy cuz he has a hidden dancer somewhere in his fort healing him through constant attacks with a star metal long sword. So I throw 8 grease fire and light him up…still he heals through it. So i throw 1 explosive jar on him…STILL heals through. It took TWO jars to explode right next to him to kill him. RIDICULOUS

Ridiculous is that you are allowed to kill someone who is not even there in the first place…

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There are hardly any actual MEN playing this game, just a bunch of BOYS acting tough who think raiding offline players makes them winners.

The issue is the entertainer heal…not that I am a 1 man clan fighting 5 people in a clan who are cheating…when they are online it takes ONE person to sit and click ONCE to full heal your foundation…missing the point fellas.