2 friends having lag issues since playstation update

So 2 of my friends have started lagging constantly since the recent patch on playstation…

there are 3 others not having lag issues but these 2 are…

Is anyone else experiencing lag issues?.. whats causing it for some but not everyone?.. they have both tried reinstalling game… removing bracelet… changing spawnpoints and nothing is fixing it

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I’ve seen quite a few people who are reporting a stutter type lag every five seconds.

Interestingly there was one example where two players lived together and one of them was getting the lag and the other wasn’t. They switched machines and the same person lagged on both machines while the other lagged in neither

I can’t give any tips to fix it unfortunately


Ty for your reply… thats really odd so its almost like its an account based issue since update… I wonder if this will recieve any official word… though I suppose I should post this in the bugs section…

Thank you so much again for reply


I have a lot of problems with lag, its anoying, it happens when I’m on multiplayer.

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