2 graphical issues that seem to happen consisently

So having two graphical issues

  1. My thrall fighters and archers are constantly unequiping the weapons and sheilds I give them after each combat they have

  2. reappearing clothing.
    Strangely a number of thralls graphically show additional clothing on when I log in
    But in inventory there is nothing on them
    When you requip a clothing item and remove it
    The graphics go back to as intended
    until I log in the next time and suddenly the graphics show them wearing tops, bracers, headsets, ect

Even went into admin options to see if I messed something up but everything there looks fine)

  1. Thralls are supposed to put their weapons away after combat.
  2. I see this too, but typically it’s only on new thralls and only happens once per thrall.

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