2 handed war hammer Broke

Why does the two handed hammer have a reach that’s 10ft longer than the actual weapon

May be this is the counter weapon against someone who know to use dagger and can you rip apart with dozens and dozens of light attack and apply you poison at each hit.

It’s pretty much the counter for everything right now, considering I can get hit by it when I’m standing 10ft behind the person swinging it. Only thing you can do is ranged attacks against it because if you’re anywhere within it’s 20ft diameter 360degree reach, your getting smacked by it. And since it’s reach is almost twice as long as the actual weapon, it’s impossible to judge a safe distance.

We have a nusty habit to Demi present a weapon, it’s not fair m8. Hammers are using the hell of stamina, so they must worth something isn’t it? I didn’t like the nerfs on Warhammers and I don’t want them to be nerfed again. It is a choise. Plus I find out that Grey weapons after the patch demands more stamina, all of them. I believe that the weapons now are better the way they are. Leave them be.


I am a hammer user, and I vouch for the stamina cost. It is crazy, no matter how much grit you have, you will never do more than a few swings as stamina runs out fast and you need to think about saving stamina for dodging.

They are also very slow, and although they cause a lot of damage, enemies can easily avoid and interrupt me if I go swinging in blindly. They also have problems hitting small targets like spiders, for some reason.

But they are still my favorite weapon to use, even if some others may be more effective.

Smashy Smashy! :hammer: :hammer_and_pick: :hammer: :hammer_and_pick: :metal::metal::metal:


I wish I could post a video in the forum, it clearly shows me standing an estimated 10’ away, and slightly behind the guy swinging. It’s not a latency issue as we tested it, you can be standing a good distance behind the guy swinging, have him swing away from you, and still get hit by it.

This swing connected

After further testing, the two handed hammers also go through shields, if you have a shield and someone kicks it, it stacks whatever effect the weapon does. For example, I shouldn’t get poisoned by someone kicking my shield.

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After the kick drops your shield they can light attack before you can get your shield back up, and if they come at the right angle, (being anything that’s not directly in front of you) the hammer goes right through the shield. Also the light attack is a constant leap forward, so between that and it having a ridiculous reach, there is no counter to it, not even archery, you can’t get away fast enough no matter what you have equipped. It takes Zero skill to use what so ever and you’re basically a god.

Stop using heavy attacks, use light attacks and see how much you dominate

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Yeah this “apply poison with kicks” bug exists since 2018.

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It’s Broken is what it is.

Can we have actual movie clips / videos instead of slideshow - it’s hard to judge the problem.

And then 3 years later it’s suddenly an exploit :joy:

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I use light attacks as well, a mix of both. There is no way one can rely on heavy attacks alone with this weapon.
But I am curious about going through shields. I barely use kicking, but I am going to do tests tonight. So, whatever effect the hammer has, it is… transfered in your kicks?

It won’t let me post the video’s on the forums. I emailed it to funcom, and posted it on their Facebook.

Yes, and you can kick the shield down and light attack before they get their shield back up. They can’t roll far enough away to get out of range and the dagger backflip doesn’t even get you out of range.

To go through the shield you have to attack at a slight angle, and if you start a lunge attack, at a corner, you’ll hit whatever is on the other side of it. I think what happens is the lunge puts you inside of the shield and swings behind it basically.