2 Houses Disappeared

Game mode: Single Player
Problem: Bug
Region: US

1st House Location: Southern Desert somewhat close to the Sentinels.
2nd House Location: In the jungle, east of Forkspring Hollow

Was gearing up to attack the alligator boss, ran from house in jungle to house in the desert to drop off extra supplies. When I arrived at the location, the house, Derketo later, campfires, and all supplies were gone.

Logged out for the night.

Next day, logged in and went to boss alligator, after killing him, went to 2nd house (jungle house). Everything was gone except this time, there were bags of items (crafting supplies and food) along the shore and in the water. House, alter, camp site, was all gone.

However, an extra outside sleeping gazebo was still intact.

Please advise.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Unknown
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown

had similar with wheel of pain

Welcome to the buggy decay system that, like the rest of the game, will never be fixed

I just logged in and noticed my house is now replaced with someone else’s? Missing all my crafting stations too. Is this to be expected? It’s a fun game but, it’s not worth playing if everything keeps disappearing. Is it more stable in single player mode?

If you log in every day (I know this sounds stupid and unrealistic) you have a better chance not to lose items. Your property (in any form ex: cheats structures etc) I have clan members who will run to all our sperate locations just to spawn in the structure we built and than leave. Seems to work as long as someone can get online frequently to accomplish such a ridiculous task we have a main base, and built Outpost bases near areas such as new Asagarth and mounds of the dead for xp farming. These little bases will decay if not visited frequently regardless of the decay timer. Other options is creating another character using a separate profile and leave them inside the bases you are worried about losing, and logging in using that character just to remap the decay timer.

Adding to the above you’ll need a buddy in your clan to add that additional character to your clan. Or if you have two PS4 console’s you can do it yourself.

If your on single player turn off decay no point of a anti grief option when its you and a couple of friends