2 minute load screens on death or obelisk teleport on officials and other bugs

This is extremely annoying. Im really surprised im not seeing the forum exploding over this.
Since chapter 2 of AoS (possibly longer) there has been an issue with extanded load times upon death and respawning and obelisk teleportation. This extends the load time to respawn to about 2-3 minutes, making pvp servers an absolute nightmare as it takes too long to get back into the fight. It is much faster to quit the game client and restart game and relog to server, however thjs is still a terrible process and flat out unacceptable this late into the games life cycle, especially after this current 27gb hotfix which made the problem occur EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is not an isolated occurance on my end, every single player in my crew and everyone i talk to happens to them as well.

Secondly, another extremely frustrating issue is equiped and readied weapons will go invisible and unusable until stowed and re equiped, allowing you to be killed easily even if you have the advantage. This halpened to me yesterday.
This typically happens after climbing for any period of time with a weapon readied. Unacceptable.

Thirdly, and this is just getting sad at this poimt that the dev team FAILS to address this issue for OVER A YEAR at this point.
This is of course the issuse with vaulting up a ledge/ surface at the top of a climb. Once the player attempts to climb up and over any structure, even a simple square foumdation, they are rubber banded back to the last climb spot and bounce back up and down until maybe the vault up succeeds. This is so d*mn annoying when trying to climb up high risk and sensative spots . How is this issue stl in the game a year and a half after a patch which in the dev notes specifically stated “fixed an issue with climbing” which before that patch there was no problem like this whatsoever.

I love this game and would like to support it but im not spending a dime on a battlepass or bazaar no matter how cool some of the items may be until the game has basic simple functions fixed.
What ia going on over there? It is unnacceptable for these issues to persist more than a month. I absolutely REFUSE to believe the climbing issue couldnt have been resolved witjin a month of it being introduced.
Do better funcom.

Also, im not providing videos, go into the game and just play for 5 minutes. Easily reproduced.

Adding to the chorus of ‘please fix the climbing bug’.

The climbing bug kills me more often than any monster in the game ever has.

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