2 months on PVE Private Server and Not a Single Purge


We have been playing for 2 months now on Private Server. Have it set for 24 Purges and the 2 bottom settings set at lowest. Also have it set for Purge to only happen if 1 person is logged in. But we have not seen a single Purge.

the purge is currently pretty location specific

it will not happen when you build on a higher ground, you need to have a base on the ground.
also they need some spot to spawn, which also seems even on a spare looking place sometimes really badly, but the more place you have there, the better your chances are.

Because we are playing on our own server and don’t have to worry about other players, we have a lot of buildings right at ground level with plenty of spaces for the mob to spawn at different locations on the map. Yet, we have never had a Purge trigger.

So is the Purge not working or do I need to do something to get the Purge working on our Server? Thank you

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