2 or 3 People looking for a mostly vanilla server. PLZ READ BEFORE POSTING

So, we don’t want any mods first off. We would like lower rates too (x2 or so). Also, we don’t want to deal with the bull that’s on official. PvP works just fine for us, but so dose PvE-C. We also are plenty happy with RP provided that you’re fine with people being new to Conan RP. I have a good amount of time into game and have done just about everything. The friend that will be joining me is newer to the game, but he’ll be with me. We MIGHT be able to overlook a “must have” for the right server. Comment on here with what you have or add me on Steam [ LongBow 722 ] or Discord [ LongBow722#2443 ]

I have a server that would fit for you and your friend. I have sent stuff on discord and steam.

this is what you need Asia rp server pveC 0001