2 players, 1 PS4?

I want to buy my daughter CE and her girlfriend wants to play also, at the same time. I have no issue with buying two copies through Steam.

My Q is, can they do so with 1 PS4, or do they need another device to be online with my private server simultaneously?

The alternative is getting her a laptop, also not a big issue, but I would prefer to avoid it.

I run on my robust computer as single player in Louisiana and they are in Kentucky.

Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks, in advance :slight_smile:

PS4 players cant play on your pc server. They would each need a ps4 and a copy of the game to play with each other.

Thank you, @SpiralValve, for those answers. That was really what was expected about the individual systems and games.

What I do not understand is your first statement. Detailed knowledge aside, this is a server, like any other. Are some servers only for PS4s?

Yes there are PS4 specific servers, Xbox specific servers and PC specific servers. You can not play together across platforms.
Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be able to answer if you can set up a platform for ps4 on a pc

Thank you, @Kwalya, disturbing, but not catastrophic.

To sum up so far, two games, two devices to run the games, and the ‘intelligence’ to host all is still ambiguous.

Getting there :slight_smile:

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