2 problems with official servers to against hack users

  1. hack users intentionally induce normal users to abuse the foundation and report it to the admin.

It needs a lot of foundation to against speed hacks and range attack hacks.
In particular, in order to prevent speed hack users, need to make speed bumps here and there.
To prevent hacks that remotely detonate bombs inside the base, need to wrap foundation around a wide base.

  1. Personalization of the Official Siptah Server

A certain professional hack user group has made the Official Siptah Server their incubator to create avatar coins.
They create avatar coins here and send them to CE to use several coins in an instant through speed hacks.
(If summon an avatar with the speed hack turned on, the avatar will also be affected by the speed hack)


Can you be more specific to the last part please? What is the difference in an avatar if it has the speed hack effect?
Plus, do you suggest the building limits on official pvp to be “bigger”?

You may have seen servers full of tier 3 altars on Official Siptah servers without people. If there is a recent hacker activity on the server, check only the avatar part in the event log.

if avatar coins are transfer to CE, they will not be displayed on the map right away

speed hack users can move from the southern desert area(Spawn zone) to the target base in less than 1 minute while holding coins.

when a normal user summons an avatar, it takes 30 to 60 seconds to spell, but for a hack user, the avatar is summoned in 5 seconds after pressing the coin on the shortcut
In addition
Normal users can attack approximately 4 times in 1 minute while the avatar is summoned. Speed ​​hack users can attack more than 15 times in 1 minute, and if DDOS attacks are added, the avatar does not disappear even after 1 minute and can continue to attack.

(I have a video, but I can’t give the link as it goes against community guidelines)

I think that there is a problem in the fact that an administrator intervenes in the official survival game server.
However, if it is an unavoidable situation, it is my opinion that it would be good to judge whether the report is malicious or not.


As you know, siptah server makes it very easy to collect Essences to make avatar coins

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Thank you. Now, I ask again, do you suggest the growth of the building limit in pvp?



Will it be too much for you to build a grid of foundations to explain how can someone build to avoid this attacks, you know thickness to be visible and lines, not something important. Ofcurce there is a topic that explains what people must avoid when building. If the way of your building suggestion is against the rules, then open the conversation again :man_shrugging:.

yeah we going threw all this in another topic

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