2 unique thralls 1 model

Game mode: Singleplayer on pc
Problem: not checking what is being officially realeased
Region: EU

Just found the named thralls beli the breaker and olena the oathmaker at sepermeru…and well, just look by yourself:



And…??? They look the same…?.?.? So what? Do they do their jobs? If not, THAT would be a bug worth reporting. Their looks might be a bug, but until the other game-play impacting things get fixed, just assume that they’re twins and roll with it.


if i don’t report it i don’t do my “job” as “pro active” player and thus don’t help funcom fixing their game.

i might sound salty indeed and it’s true i am. It’s no big deal, true, but it’s a thing that keeps on coming back again and again with funcom so it is actually just telling a lot about their process of releasing patches.
i’m not working in the gaming industries but from my point of view and as an employee i see things this way :

A gaming compagny is about to release a big very important patch (and almost all patches are important but especially this big mother patch). There are things that need quite a lot of time to be discovered and to be explained in terms of bugs/cause and consequences but there are other things that can be checked right away and this bug is one of these little things.

if every employee is showing the result of their job for the past few weeks to their manager i’m sure A LOT of this little bugs can be avoided and thus make the game look less messy and done by amateurs, because to be honest, eventhough i really like this game and this is the reason why i keep on reporting many issues i encounter (what are YOU “missthetrashday” doing here beside being hostile towards others BTW ?) i’m not the only one to have this feeling that funcom doesn’t check what they are releasing and therefore look kinda amateur in my eyes which sounds kinda paradoxal considering the uncontested talents they have in their working team.
untill they fix it, yes i will assume they are twins but i would ask you to consider the fact that this kind of bug has become really common with this game and there is a GOOD REASON WHY.

Just to finish, here are the 2 purposes of my report:

  1. to let funcom know about the issue
  2. making them reconsider the way they are releasing patches

Sorry for sounding salty, but should i be blamed for it really?i want this compagny to succeed and it’s like the same with good friends, when sthing is wrong, only a good friend can tell you the truth with simple and direct words, and this friend can sound harsh doing so…but is he mean? NO, he is helping you.

have a good one


I do see your point. A bug is a bug is a bug, and all that. That it is priority 11,051 on a list of 12,000 bugs is really not the point.

Have fun in the game! I keep finding things I’ve never found before and I’m having a blast.

lol me too.
Yeah as you said, def not priority number 1, but a reported bug is a better bug than a non reported bug :smiley:
Just wished they would check things more before officially releasing…
Have fun too mate !

This bug doesn’t seem to affect these 2 named thralls only but others as well, such as daya leadrinker:


and probably diana steelshaper too, i must have a closer look at her later on though :


luba is the only one female named thrall from sepermeru who has her own model so far (with dark skin + different haircut)

need to check lissa as soon as she is ready because she was wearing a shemite turban.

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agree, there lot of clones (or let call them twins, triplets, or whatever) around when i comes to the look.

Like said, not game- but immersion-breaking to me.
While one couple twins may be fun, having several unique thralls all looking the same is not.
I’m realy happy they fixed the frog-eyes and alien-look, but this isn’t a reason to give us all similar looking thralls for the ease.

For me, unique thralls should realy be unique, by what they can do and perform, but also by the way they look (not speaking about alien-look, though!).
I grabed different ones up in the north, and here to we have different couple if not more same looking “unique” thralls.
I realy wish Funcom would put little more care and love in these for the game so important thralls. Also the look, the clothes or armor-peaces they wear could be done with more care, fitting better the rule the have (example, cooks with big heavy armor gauntlets… sic!).

I know, for some this may be not worth to mention, and they’re just looking for a working game-mecanic. But for me a game is more, it’s a world, a story, and an immersion.

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It is an error in the game and worthy of being reported. I agree it’s not a priority fix, but the OP never suggested it should be either.

And it’s sadly yet another example of games lazy work, along with wrongly labelled items and all the other mess. Its so sad to see the game in this state.


last thing i will report, because i think there is already enough for funcom team to identify the cause of this issue.

The bug is affecting “lissa o the long bow” as well as “zoara of the swamp” too (or whatever the english name is, sorry)

but is NOT affecting “luba the luscious” and “Hanar of bossonia”. these 2 have their own model.
So every female named npc from sepermeru is affected by this lack of unique model and they all look the same except these 2 women.

yep i agree that named thralls should have a very unique looki in terms of face/body and haircut preset and also in terms of clothes/armors. we should recongnize them from a far distance thanks to their uniqueness (if this word even exists :smiley: )

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I don’t believe its a bug, but rather just lazy copy/paste placeholders which haven’t been looked at again. No polish work has been done.


yep very true, i like calling it a bug since it cannot be intended, but as you well pointed out it is actually not a bug.