2 years playing destroyed by cheaters

But npcs can’t attack structures… I don’t know about the rest, but I’m pretty sure this one is wrong.

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I am sorry for your loss, and for the confusion it has caused you. As I am just another player, I require a little more information. If you can answer some follow-up questions, it will help me look into this.

  1. Where is your base? Please stand at its location with the Map showing, and take a screen shot.
  2. Concerning the areas where the enemy appeared, both the trebuchet place, and within your secure base and bed zone: was there any native soil? With other words, was every floor surface occupied by human-built foundations? If not, was it soil, or as @WhatMightHaveBeen asked, game structures like ruins?
  3. In your screen shot, you or your clan appear to have placed at least one live explosive jar. Is this because you suspected a raid was incoming?
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ON number 3, there is a weird bug where sometimes a placed explosive by the raiders some how gets tied to your land claim, and looks like you placed the bomb and it lost stability. This usually happens when they place a lot of bombs at once, and one doesn’t detonate right away.


This is video of the original base, there is no way they could reach the top without cheating… the base itself was so big that there is no way to destroy the beds as first. The tower we build was at the pillar unnamed city scorpion boss. Idk but there was 90 level 20 tralls around the peaks to block every possible way up every building got roof. Anyway we all deleted the game already, since there is no way that we will play and waist or time if cheating is possible.

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Skimming the video, there are a lot of areas where the volcano is acting as a “wall”. The problem with the volcano is that it was an add on to the map, and not designed with the rest. that is why some entrance areas you transport thru, and other are seamless when you enter. That means there are mesh issues galore where it was “attached” to the base map. And if someone can figure a way to under mesh and travel in those “holes”, then they can access base and items that aren’t locked without having to go thru any of the outer defenses. It is still “cheating”, and imo the most likely culprit.


I know what you mean… but still I believe this ppl hacked the entire system… how explain the building pieces and chests destroyed 3 hours after raid time? At this place you can’t have npc following. Those ppl played 4 days in this server, ok you can reach lvl 60 in few hours I agree, but still without a base, crafting tables and crafting tralls, its impossible to get the good armor to resist temperatures one side it’s to hot other side it’s to cold to climb. Ok let’s say they had the potions to resist temperatures… then still I tested with improved climbing gear, it’s to high to reach it… I only got half way with that gear. For me it’s all impossible, the only way if they have a way to be admin at this official server… and they are able to do what they want.

Don’t play on public servers.

There are no admin commands on official data bases. Yes, they exploited. but once under the mesh, all other temp rules etc go out the window. There is no access to .db on PS4 (i know, as a private owner Sony does not allow the same access to .db as on PC, for PSN ID security reasons.)

Its a shame this is the answer, but it really is.

There are just so many handicaps and problems with official servers.

I miss the social aspect of my old Official, and it was actually a good one without toxic players.

However, thrall limits, griefing players, cheating players… on and on… Officials are just a playground without rules or official eyes on them, leading to abrupt and irritating end of enjoyment as soon as someone else decides to have fun at your expense.

Best I can recommend at this point is to find a private server with an active admin that you can trust/has good community reputation. Still not a perfect solution, but at least things can be done in that situation.

Thanks for the responses, I decided to quit the game. Wish you al the best luck. I had my fun in the game, it was worth the money. Now I’m free again :wink:

Aah, so you’ve given up on all video games then, I see.

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Yups for games that swallow al of our time, and where is no way to report it. Even if I would complain I know the answer already… ;

We are sorry for your losses, we have to many servers running to control all of this. We don’t have enough ppl in our company. But we hope we still get your trust… what is the point?


As he responded: Most other games-devs/publisher are taking cheaters seriously. Or griefing and harassing…

You know, when I see mods doing something here? When someone calls someone else a cheater, with video proof…
Because “name calling is bad”, which isnt. Name calling without evidence is bad!

It says enough about this game, forums and Funcom…

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We got the same issue on pvp server 1210 in EU.
7-8 guys coming to the server, building under the texture and also exploiting the log out/log in copy bug for items.

Below a link (remove the spaces…) with proof of building inside texture, and since all brimstone more or less is sealed off now with buildings, they just log in and out to copy stacks of dragonpowder and they win.

https:// youtu . be/ct60WqqNxSk

Me and my brother have over 4000 hours on this server between us, but we’re probably done when they start with us.
Atm they are focusing on a russian clan, and tearing away their long and hard work.
Most players on the server have already reported this a week ago through the channels possible (Exploit and via Steam) but to no avail.

Conclusion: Official servers are doomed as this cheating and exploiting is spreading.
As some said, go to a private server with an active admin, at least you might get a better shot there at having some fun.

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If I am ever at this point, to leave my hardwork (PvE) I will quit the game and many are also doing it like that.

We are talking about cheaters here. Not just “walling of Obelisks” and the honest player has to “flee” and go to a private server? W T F ??

IMHO Funcom doesnt take people quitting because of such things serious… But this drives players away. No one wants to deal with cheaters and losing your hard work because of such people.

I guess I see it like this, you own the server, its an official server. You sold the game with officials servers as a way for people to play, then comes along private servers great but if you as in Funcom do not want to keep your servers not filled with cheaters who ruin the play time of people who paid good money to play a game which you provide the servers for why sell it with them to start with.

These people are not asking for anything wrong other then CHEATERS, AGAIN CHEATERS to be caught and banned.

Why have a report function if you do not intend to use it and listen to those that report this issue.

So if you do not want to take care of the official servers, if you do not care if the officials are filled with cheaters then just shut them all down and say everyone needs to either rent a server or join a private server but if you maintain them then you need to maintain them and that means QA again, if QA had been done on the game then there would be no way to under mesh as it would not be possible, if QA was done there would be no way to build and stop spawns as your QA team would have found these and fixed them before they were used or if not then as soon as they were reported they were fixed.

I mean geeze even Bugstheada bans cheaters on their official servers.

Many problems in this game could be fixed with some good old fashion QA work.

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While I do often wonder if modern video games even have QA, I would also like to say that never, in the history of games, from the current Poker to the past Ancient Greek Olympics to the extremely old Hit Rock With Stick (probably played by Neanderthals) was there ever a game created that itself flat out stopped people from cheating.

Not saying that a video game company shouldn’t do its best to patch exploits, but rather that Milton Bradley won’t answer my letters about how easy it is to steal $500 bills out of the bank when no one is looking during a game of Monopoly.

What’s the solution? Personal responsibility I guess, but that’s about as likely to happen as Hit Rock With Stick coming back into popularity.


Ah, but that’s actually an interesting point. If people do that - steal out of the bank while playing Monopoly - they’re breaking the social contract, and the consequence (other than well-deserved and hopefully prodigious ridicule) is that no-one wants to play with them again.

For obvious reasons, enforcing those same consequences (the no-play-with part) are not available to players on an official server. Equally, if you attend a Monopoly tournament hosted by some official body, you’d expect that official body to enforce the rules and ban cheaters - you wouldn’t just tell the other players to “well, go play in your own home then” (which is the equivalent of the “play private servers then” response).

Aye, true enough. Incidentally, “Hit Rock WIth Stick” seems about as engaging as many of the more popular mobile games these days, which appear to reduce player involvement to “swipe left or right, maybe wait for a timer to run down”. But don’t get me started on that or we’ll be here until Conan Exiles 2.


Yes I suppose that’s true, but I simply dream of a world where people just stop acting like scum when playing video games and aren’t proud of cheating to beat other people by using exploits. A pipe-dream I am sure.

I just feel like video game culture has evolved to where people are proud of cheating, like it’s an accomplishment, and I don’t know how or why it ended up that way.


Oh you and me both brother, but I don’t think holding out for said pipe dream to manifest is viable.

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