20+ Hours on Public TestLive Siptah 3.0 Reasons/Sorcery/Movement/Storm creatures/Testlive servers

Hi everyone,

some of you might remember me from these forums, some not. So here i go again.

I’m Alex, a 40 year old dude with a decent amount of hours on this game and a tricky mouth, which got me suspended/banned/made “New User”, i will try and keep it civil so i get pass 1 Topic without the “suspending” thing.
I also consider myself “old school” because i rarely watch “informational videos” for the games i play, i like to discover things for myself so as usual i went with much to Zero info about Age of Sorcery.

Reasons for why choosing Public Test servers are solid in my case. I do not like playing alone and i already had a level 60 character since the 2.1 Testlive. But the biggest reason why coming back to Testlive is Dennis Douthett and his latest “mega phrase” and i quote:
i value my time and we want you to know that we value yours too
Yeah, fish got hooked and realed in…So… Hi, you missed my walls of text?


Without knowing about the Feats reset potion and it’s cause after using, i started getting deeper into Sorcery, getting more spells, farming lots of skeletons for their heads…which if i was lucky i was getting 1 from 3-4-5 kills…In the same time i was running a full expertise build which had to be changed, so i used a Yellow Lotus Potion. After use:

  • Got a 2nd Tome of Kurak, the original one with Putrid Meat and Stone.
  • Progress Tome of Kurak was at the Volatile Gland step
  • Crafted once(Meat/Stone) and noticed that my progress tome requirements have changed.
  • Came to forums, seen the bug Elristan reported
  • Progressed further on first tome i got.
    Who does not like to be immune to everything, right?! I went with a fully corrupted build while progressing with sorcery until the 20 Dragon Horns step. Meanwhile server started lagging a bit and my 75 stamina was not enough anymore to survive. I went picked up some floatsam and got to use a Potion of Natural Learning. After use:
  • The progression tome disappeared
  • I was back on having only 1 tome in the bench, back to normal i guess
  • No spells lost during the process, only the tome went poof
  • I can still cast all spells learned up until the dragon horns step
    Now. I like the way Sorcery is being approached but it needs more. For me it feels…Light. I do not see myself using more then 2-3 of them. Fingers crossed you devs to have more for us when it comes to spells/sorcery. For PvP :))), funny times approaching.


Well, i might be the last mohican…but i have always walked Siptah. Dislike mounts. Now you made me get a horse…Not a fan of the new movement, but it does not bother me either if people using locks need it to strafe. You could strafe without lock pretty decently…

Storm Creatures

I do not know what version of Siptah is running on Testlive but the middle of the map feels like a warzone. I know for sure that in a update the creatures were removed/drastically reduced.
Currently each pocket of storm creatures is fighting whatever sort of animals are around them. If you approach the group, all change target to you or your companions. If you try to run, you get the next group and the next…you can outrun them with a horse, but on foot is a no go.
As we all know how the AI performs…Imagine a handful of players running around with horses…
Please do not bring the creatures back to live servers!!!

Testlive servers

Are what they are. I do not have the expectation of running smoothly, i know where i come to play. For my surprise we were 3-4 playing while the server kept getting worse and worse. Now it’s been with ping 9999 the entire day without anyone capable of pressing the reset button.
I mean, i do not mind not being able to log in…but from a 10-20 players coming on the server/day…you now have ZERO. Because u cannot reset the damn server.
I do not consider myself a tester but i notice if something is fishy and not only once i have reported things that work differently then supposed to. Sadly, most of them still exist…Like the one where the Tentacle will remain on the sky after a surge being summoned…
If you value our time, please gather 1000 chaos in my place next time it happends :))))) See if u can spare the couple hours :stuck_out_tongue:

As conclusion. Update looks solid but you need to put more attention in things that are not Bazar related. Update is called Age of Sorcery not Age of the Bazar. Please do not be greedy and make Sorcery great!

I am done for now…Have a nice evening everyone!


Welcome back, @Coty! :wave: :smiley:


I like that it’s lite tho. I think it’s wise. Put out a little of something and see how it goes… then give them more in the ways it’s being used most. Smart!

Awesome!!! Thank you FC! Finally something kinda challenging. YAY! The maelstrom in 2.8 was so disappointing.

Not really true. Easy to avoid and can be outrun - on foot… and they can be just about completely ignored if you’re on horseback.


I might only be able to reply 3 times/topic so better be smart about it :))

Hey and thank you for reading my wall of text, really appreciate it.

I would not be so enthusiast about it. They removed the “wandering” creatures with reason. I was one of those that been vocal about keeping the Original maelstrom, my entire gameplay was focused around the storm and the bosses that we now find in the pools. As much as bad the change was for me, so much better the servers became and proved to be the right decision to move the bosses to the pools events.

Exactly my point. You outrun them, you ignore them. They just start fighting the animals around them. It will only take for 3-4 players to run around…Welcome to Lag Lag Lag land… Maybe with a better AI performance would be better, but as it is now…the stress on the server is high and would lag/rubberband and eventually crash.

That’s what i am looking forward to.

Cheers :wink:


Welcome back Coty! :star_struck:


Where do you find the sorcery on Siptah? The sorcerer’s map points to Riverwatch, and aside from swapping the Mitran priest with a sorcerer, I don’t see anything different. No staff, no tome, but he did drop Skelos recipes. Am I supposed to make those for the next clue?

Correct. There is a cave entrance down at the river level.

How did I not notice this? Has this always been here?

Hoping this works differently and will be able to reply more then 3 times.

Now that you asked though…I do not remember :)))) If it was there, was empty and went unnoticeable from my side.
But it is there now! :stuck_out_tongue: