2019 free or no?

In the website, says sign up, with unlimited access. I try and log into 2019 server and tells me you have to have a sub to do so. So I get lured in by saying im not limited but I am because I have to have a sub to play on the 2019 server!!

Why is that ?

You’ll have the options to download the Original Client, or the “New Engine Beta” version. The former is the original, while the latter is a newer version with updated graphics and requires a bigger download / storage space. Both versions connect to the same servers, so your decision will not affect your overall ability to experience the game.

From an email I received stating the same. Neither client would affect my overall ability to experience the game! This is not true if the 2019 client has to have a sub, it does affect my overall ability.

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I’m not sure what exactly you are quoting with “unlimited access”, but the RK2019 server is a paid-only server, and on RK (commonly called RK5) you can play for free. Free accounts are also limited in content they have access to.

The game client, old or new engine, does not affect which server you can play on or which content you have access to.