20man tribe in a 10 man tribe max server

Im on eu ps4 server, and we got raided by the alpha (no big deal, its how the game works) but they have about 20 people in different tribes with one letter difference. There not on at the same time unless they raid… now I really don’t want to sound salty about it. But Its cheating really .i have reported the server but im not even sure if its not aloud ??

Ps: i still play on the server, currently working out of a 4x4 bomb factory in the woods doing gorilla Warfare on them :joy::joy:

It’s not really cheating, it’s more unsportsmanlike and ‘being a dick’ but it’s a PvP server so that’s sort of what you signed up for.


I mean, they’re allies… despite similar names… plenty of PvP servers have 30 ppl vs newb river, as stated, nature of the best

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Get your own 20 buddies on the server and kick their ■■■■■ :smiley:

Or just leave it.

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Plenty of inspirational info out there on how 1 man takes down a clan or even the alpha. Also look into life without a base. Most crafting stations and such can be returned to inventory making the nomad life almost impossible to track down. A dangerous individual is one with nothing to lose.

Ultimately though, it’s what playstyle u enjoy. Another server could provide that atmosphere if you like

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