21st Anniversary Event: June 23 - July 16

Anarchy Online Turns 21!

Special Offer

Back from the vault: the Cybernetic Assassin’s armor! This classic set is once again available with this year’s subscription offer, with extra bits for each subscription tier as usual. The armor set is claimable account-wide and each offer tier includes Funcom Points from the usual subscription bundles. We even remembered the 1-month “no offer for me, thanks” option this time :wink:

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is not yet available. It will go live with the rest of the event tomorrow.

Special Encounters

The Tinker once again arrives at Newland Desert! Help her eliminate Desert Nomads to find parts for the many gifts she wants to make. Desert Nomads spawn across Newland Desert, Mort, Perpetual Wastelands and Broken Shores.

The beloved Desert Rider world event is also back, spawning everyone’s favorite raid encounters throughout the world. Defeat them for extra gifts and rewards, and a chance to storm the Desert Nomad fortress!

Upon defeating a Desert Rider, a personal teleport beacon is left behind. Access it before it deactivates to gain access to a hidden Desert Nomad fort! This incursion scales to players of all levels. Desert Nomads encountered here will offer unique rewards, with the Officers potentially dropping pieces of the Elite Desert Nomad armor.

The Tinker will reward you for your efforts, especially if you walk the extra mile to get her the items she needs! Extra vanity rewards await you if you assist her in collecting 250 items. She will complete a gift with 500 items.

Returning this year is the Desert Nomad Arena: a single-team endgame raid encounter where you may challenge The Desert Rider’s lieutenant; this encounter is accessible after killing the Desert Rider. You must be Level 201+ to challenge this boss. Good luck!

World Bosses

Our buddy Loren Warr is back once more - Warr may be found along the outskirts of Newland. They’re as tough as ever, so don’t let yourself get stomped into dust!

Also back this year are classic bosses as world bosses. Abmouth, Zaal, T.A.M., Cerubin, and Atma must be stopped, and you can look forward to some sweet loot as a reward for defeating them!

Thanks again Rubi-ka-ians!


(Updated post to reflect the world bosses should be on both servers, not just RK5)