22-02 103.6 mb update - what is it?

What was the CE update i just got please.

You say there is no update, there was< i just downloaded it.
the other topic stating that there is no info about this update on boards, was closed few minutes ago.

Thanks for the info.

refering to this :slight_smile: 40m

Hey there,

We have not released any patch, but we’ll have some news about this and other patches soon. Please stay tuned :eyes:
We’ll proceed to close this thread since there’s quite a few open topics about this in the forums. We know you people are excited about it, but please bear with us!

Do you have any mods installed?


again im referring to this topic wich was closed just a few minutes ago.

To my knowledge as of right now, they have not released anything. Also if they do, it will be fairly large.

I have the same patch, with same size, downladed at 11:00 today. It’s not from workshop, so, no mod…

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Just checked mine and got the same thing. Checking on it.


I have downloaded MODs, but none are/were actively in the either my LIVE client or TEST-LIVE client when I downloaded the queued update for PC LIVE.

When I clicked the link to view the updates, it showed the list of items that will eventually be pushed out to LIVE - Elite Beasts, AI Improvement, Purge Fixes, etc.

There was an issue with the CE Soundtrack that came with some of the special versions. There were only 2 tracks available and this update fixed it so all tracks are in the respective folder.

Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:


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