24/7 raid times for PVP only servers

My base is not zareidili. And it is unlikely to work out.

I’m waiting for clarification on this. They did not say 24/7 raid times. PvP has always been unrestricted. What’s been restricted is when you can damage buildings. They also have specifically said the purge will happen during raid times, between 1800 and 2200 local time, which implies there will still be raid windows.


Definitely would like some clarification on this as well.

Also lots of people cant always be on in prime time. I work weekday evenings til 9pm by the time im home had something to eat and showered I would never have time to raid .

Clarification on RT need to be given.

Quick clarification about the new servers:

  • PvP: On these servers, player vs player combat is possible all times, but building damage will be limited to prime time (5pm - 11pm local server time). Players can fight each other as much as they want, but raiding and damaging buildings will be limited.

  • PvE: Only creatures and NPCs can harm players on PvE servers. Thralls will not attack players and players cannot attack and kill thralls.

  • PvE Conflict: On a PvE Conflict server you can only damage other players during prime time (5pm – 11pm local server time). Building damage is turned off at all times. These servers will at first only be available on PC. We may roll them out later for PS4 and Xbox One post-launch, depending on their popularity.

All servers will have 1x harvesting, xp gain and crafting times. We’re removing the Fast type servers.


Will there be any chance in the future of damaging buildings 24/7 on pvp servers most of my clan wont be online til 10 / half 10 at night. I literally sold the game to these guys by saying we could raid others bases whenever we want.

Just play on a server that offers that. It’s not like there aren’t, quite literally, dozens of servers with 24/7 that are packed with players at all hours of the day.

Boo! #403, we’ll miss you. :frowning:

Jay_EV Community Manager said on reddit

This sucks so bad. No more pvp mayhem. Why are you ignoring hardcore pvp players?

Can we please have at least 3 mayhem servers?

Is it because you can’t fix the spears breaking through walls and the items teleporting through walls and the walking through walls when buildings are not rendered?

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Oh I see now, pvp servers with raid times only so there will be 10 gods summoned at all times during raid times so servers will crash and noone will be able to play during raid time.

I see what you’re doing there Funcom… @Jens_Erik :smiley:

We looked at which servers were seeing the most traffic and decided to re-purpose them based on that. PvP Mayhem weren’t particularly popular when it came to player activity.


how about PvP Fast, I believed that was very popular amongst the community.


But still @Jens_Erik to have at least 2 mayhem 24/7 per zone (euro, usa, south usa, oceania, asia) would make sense, and it would concentrate the playerbase that still love that game mode.

Pretty plis.

Yes more types of pvp server are needed, spec for the balansing part. To have dedicated server for the 24/7 harcore whit no Life and a server more suteble for player wit a Life that like to play pvp. A more frendly pvp so to say but still full pvp sandbox. And then some in betwen.

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But i dont want to play on a private where whoever is in charge can change the rules whenever they are losing.

The fact that I’m “town arrested” for beating up some nazis so that I can’t live in my squatted social center makes me a no-life in your eyes, I can deal with that as long as you have solidarity for hardcore pvp players.

This game is over for me. Conan pve game I understand. No harkor, nothing. Bye.

I think the three server categories that will be started at launch are a perfect balance–to start. This doesn’t mean that additional servers won’t be added. It also doesn’t prevent anyone from launching a private server that is as “harkor” as you want.

I have been playing online games longer than some of you have been alive. Hard Core versus Care Bear is always an issue. However, I have also found that true Hard Core players are kind of rare and don’t really fill up large online games.

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