2995 SA crashing everyday

Hey @KzErWiNsKi

You’re free to destroy your base, but we cannot and will not wipe a server as there’s other people involved that also play on that server.
The issue stems from a massive number of constructions, placeables and thralls that would make any system crawl, PC included.
The two actual solutions are either to destroy the base itself or sections of it voluntarily, or to wait until we release the parity patch, that will include both the building optimizations and some crash fixes that should give a little of a respite in this particular situation.
As per when this patch will be released, we posted an announcement about it yesterday:

I really hope that the fix comes faster, because at this time they are cloning items and crashing the server during the raid time…


We learned a new thing to do with server’s crash. When u have something on LB wheel, it can be duplicated.

Example: put 2 telith in the wheel. When server will to crash, just keep changing between both weapons. When server come back, you will have the 2 telith on hand and 2 more on inventory.

The clan house lannister ( owner of that magic construction and my old clan) are using that thing i had explained you before to duplicated constructions. If they did 200 tier 3 blocks, they duplicate to 400.

I know you guys cant do nothing because havent any proofs. And i understand maybe this isnt the right way to explain, But again i have a question.

This is legal? Because they said they are putting more t3 blocks around base. And today they will test this with avatar coins.

All i want to know after this big story is: altough this can be morally questionable, is it illegal? There is something i can do to prevent this bug? Maybe some place to report this?

Another week with server off…
I really appreciated the support team for doing nothing…

Pvp server without raid really nice…

Anyway thanks for all support that we not received.

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