2h Sword, can we please update?

Ever since the animations were revamped some time ago on these wonderful weapons, the 3red heavy swing had NOT been good. The 3rd heavy swing is a roundhouse, and as the sword comes full circle to finish its swing, it is NOT making contact with the NPCs on its finish.

Prior to the animation update, this wasn’t an issue. Now, when I use the swing, the NPC I’m fighting has recovered from the hit before I finish the swing, leaving me incredibly vulnerable to attack. Previously, this used to essentially be a double tap on the 3rd swing, one hit on the start, one hit on the finish. But instead, I now almost never use the 3red heavy swing. You basically are teeing yourself up for another NPC to hit you before you can get a 4th swing off.

I will note, this 3rd heavy swing DOES work like it used to when a thrall uses it!

If a video is needed to demonstrate let me know and I’ll snag some clips.


This is true, and the 3rd swing is doing really minimal damage too.

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Glad it’s not just me! But sad that this is a thing. Really would like to see a change to this.

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few of weapons need updates to “close to me” attacks.

Dagger can outright miss up close, cause said enemy invisable box that prevent it from going thru stuff, means you can always hit it.

Let alone ones low to ground… XD

Mace style is another… many of its swings just whiff half time. =/

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