2nd and 3rd time losing stuff because it "Lost stability"

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I went away for a week on a private server. They have building decay turned off. I come back to pages of lost things because they lost stability for NO FUKING REASON…
this is the 1st time I have played on a private server and the 2nd and 3rd time this has happened. It happened twice while I was away for a week. I have lost 3-4 T4 thralls and thousands of resources…

I have a similar issue on server restart. Fences that are placed on wedge ceiling tiles that are ranging from 20% - 60% stability are disappearing in my treetop base.

My problem involves 8 fences but I can imagine how much people can lose due to this bug.

No mods, no decay, prvt server

I had it happen twice on my private server that an official update re-activated decay (which I had switched off).
Please contact the admin of the private server you play on and have him check whether or not decay had been re-activated.
It is a good idea to extend decay-time to the maximum, even if decay is switched off, just for this reason. Thus. if decay gets switched on accidentally, you still have more time than a week before buildings decay.

The standart question. Is the server running mods?

P.s. ask your admin to restore your items, this is why you play on a private server after all.

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Question wher is your base locatet ? Ive you have your base in the meteor hit zone then the meteors can destroy your buildings and its say lost stability on eventlog

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