2nd anniversary rewards

is there less chances to collect all the login rewards during the anniversary this year?

There are 21 anniversary login rewards, by my count you can only miss one day this year if you want that signet upgrade.

I remember old anniversarys being more forgiving.
(or someone made a mistake)

Anniversary event short on days? same question essentially posted here

Only post I’ve seen related to it (and only reason I searched was I saw it pointed out):

Vh’mhyrr, the Empty Socket Stare06/18/2019

why do the seasonal daily login rewards go to 4 weeks when the event is listed as a 3 week event?(edited)

Andy :b:06/18/2019
Because we’re dumb

Andy :b:06/18/2019

Well right now the intent would be 3 weeks of rewards since the event is 3 weeks, I have to bring it up
I mean I did when aeryl brought it up

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If history repeats itself they will probably forget to turn the event off anyways so dont worry


If there is no extension…
And no accidental extension…
There is no way to extend it…


Yeah, I tought about that too, that it’s on purpose… but I don’t try to put much hope into it and be disapointed if I’m wrong.

Well, I guess we got the response about them addressing the disparity:

“Oh, that would be nice. Perhaps one day.”

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Corporate reaction times often increase with company size, so expect a little sluggishness from the industry giant that Funcom is.


Well, they do “forgot” to turn them on in TSW for a long time…
Sadly they do have to remember to Turn it on before they can “forget” to turn it off again :thisisfine:


The scheduling for this event seemed a bit wonky to me… décor was off early, then back on. Schedule was shown to end early (before you could get all rewards) then extended without mention of when it would end. However only the ‘claim rewards’ was extended, not the ‘fight Talos’ part.

All that aside, the extension meant we could pick up multiple Buzzing Hives with no way to cash them in (no Talos fights). I may be remembering incorrectly, but I thought on a previous event they allowed post-event Hives to be cashed in for 2,000 Shards each, something like that?

Perhaps they will re-activate that on today’s downtime, but I was just wondering if anyone could confirm that this is something they did in the past, or maybe I am just misremembering?

Hives should turned into expired ones after the downtime (or the next patch) and then you’ll be able to claim them for 1000 shards (rather than the 2000 you would get after a talos fight).

The event was always scheduled to be long enough to earn all of the login rewards. That it got turned off a day early was an accident, and it took them less than an hour to fix it, so no talos fights were lost.

Leaving the rewardswindow up for an extra week meant that anyone who missed days during the event could still get the full rewards. If I had to guess, this was probably done as a compromise instead of extending the entire event by a week like they did last year.

Why worry about making a compromise of that sort at all? It would have cost nothing to extend the event a week longer so that all the hives could be properly opened by those new players who needed to do so. As it is now, people in my cabal are asking why they are still receiving hives that they can do absolutely nothing with–well, other than delete. It is confusing and rather odd.

Probably because it helps keep people logging in after the event ended. Don’t get me wrong, a buzzing hive isn’t the greatest motivator, but people will keep logging in for the extra freebie. There’s often a big drop off in log ins after an event, where people want a break, and the extra free stuff can help that.

It also helps people who weren’t able to log in every day of the event, so that they have a better shot at collecting all the non-hive rewards.