2nd post related to shard of power and their crafts

1 shard one totally random recipe that you canget 4 times… i got the gods darn kiln 3 times today…

as for the repairs on the weapons…

1 shard + X amount of starmetal " handle = grats!
repair…1 shard + x amount of starmetal… at that point just make a new one its going to be less expensive
removing the need for shards of power on the repair cost would be more logical at that point.


Yeah. I just use the legendary weapon repair kits from Unnamed city bosses to repair everything these days. Repairing some equipment with raw materials is often not cost-effective.


i noticed that kilns and other placeable also requires a shard and a fixed amount of hardened bricks depending on the damage they take… at this point may as well make new items as well

When farming for the Crom Blade, shards end up becoming byproducts akin to bark.
I ended up with 400 shards and legendary repair kits before I got my first Crom Blade to drop.

I have more legendary repair kits than hardened steel to make master repair kits with… i’ve actually come to repair ordinary gear with legendary repair kits, because I ran out of space to store them.

It would be nice being able to set up a vendor at one’s base like it will be on Fallout 76, to sell one’s excess plans.

In the never ending quest to find a Lifeblood Spear, we have accumulated a chest full of legendary repair kits. We are now using them on everything too.

We also have more than a chest full of double/triple/quadruplicate copies of all the current recipes. I think they should be able to be put in the dismantling bench and give the shard back.


crom blade not a shard oif power crafted item.
straying from the main subject

you can trade recipes with other players :wink: thats what i do when ig et 2-3 copies of the same

That moment… when you use a legendary weapon repair kit to repair your torch.


Quite the contrary. The farming of the BOS item for thralls with a low drop chance is a motivating factor for some for the by-production/side-procurement of additional shards to begin with.

It is a valid semantic.

blade of crom is not made with shards of power.

end of straying away.

No shyte. The Crom Blade is definitely not made of shards. Where have I ever said that?
Try getting a Crom Blade to drop without looting any shards in the process, though.

End of pretending they are an unrelated process.

the repair problem is easy use repair kits the bosses drop or if your on server with purges capture a named purge blacksmith and they give you the recpie to craft the repair kits only takes 1 master repiar kit and hardensteel if remember right is really cheap

mhm ^,^ true at level 4 they are easy to get right?

looting shard and repairing shards crafts are 2 diferent things, specially when crom blade is a legendary item that can ONLY be obtained in a legendary chest that ALSO happens to be level 60.

legendary chest = level 60
obtaining shard based recipe = level 1
repairing shard crafted items = level 49 minimum. exept for kiln that is level 17.
so again where the heck does crom blade comes into play when you cant even open the legendary chest?
i feel like im talking to someone whos trolling

and it doesnt change the fact that repairing them is an expensive price.

[edit] because halcyon really doesnt not understand the concept … soloing a unnamed city boss at level 4…of course…

First of all, legendary chests are opened by Skeleton Keys, not shards.
Second of all, Crom Blades drop off UC bosses, not legendary chests.
Third of all, shards are called fragments of power, not shards of power.
Fourth of all, you repair legendaries with legendary repair kits that drop off the boss, which can be used at any level. The structures that are to be repaired with fragments of power, I agree that is harsh; but I re-affirm that expensive becomes trivial if you have alot of fragments


So who’s trolling who here?

Let me spell it out for you.

I do not feel it expensive to repair furniture with fragments, because I have more fragments than you. Just because you are not good at farming fragments does not mean it is too expensive.


i think i hurt your feelings havent i?

i am happy to see that you are actually starting to follow the subject a bit more now.

grins Yes. I was insulted by your inexperience, the sort of inexperience that lead to a false accusation. False accusations can be infuriating.

Learned something today about “shards” yes?
Glad we finally see eye to eye.

no? because it doesn’t change the fact that repairs costing the exact same components used in the creation of the item is a waste?
to make a shard item

  • 1 handle ONLY craftable at 60

  • 1 fragment of power( had to used another word to describe a shard to not hurt your feelings)

  • 20 star metal bars or 10, if you have a named smith when you can manage to have one at level 1-4, you also need to be level 49 to make the explosive arrows.


  • a sandbeast bile gland <---- try soloing one at level 4 and tell me how it went ok ?

to repair

  • 1 shard
  • and random amount of star metal bars varies on how used your weapon is


  • 1 shard and X amount of hardened bricks to repair a kiln ( minimium level 17 to make the hardened bricks)

also legendary kits are not an easy grab when you are this low of a level.

so it remains a waste of time to repair your items if you need to spend the exact same amount of materials you used to create that same item.

[edit for good measure] honestly, bragging on how many shards you have or how great you are at collecting them while killing unnamed city bosses is irrelevant to the fact that you can’t do this at this low level or even get the repair materials either.

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I know @Halcyon is more than capable of getting a kick out of this, but honestly the last post with Dr Evil has me chortling like Beavis. Nice job, both of you, for making a fairly dry point (there’s an imbalance) something truly entertaining to read.