3.0.1. Feedback - Personal element to fix/belance. PS Version

I’m already very glad that finally FUNCOM is working very good and it dropped a fix patch at sunday, after 3 days of main patch release. They finally starting to pay attention at the game and give us fix in real good time.
Anyway, i would like to make a list of some elements which, in my personal opinion, need be fixed or at least balanced:

  1. Bombs vertical damage.
    Since a pvp server, raid is one of the main things for a server of this type, since the winner of the server is the one who destroys all the bases, as well as embarrassing the enemy in pvp.
    The bombs, unfortunately, do not cause any damage to structures that are located at a height from the 5 foundations onwards. How is it possible to damage ceiling bases if I cannot damage them? (Whereas the arrows don’t work cause bubble).
    The drawbridge has been nerfed (finally I would say) but 90% of the ceiling bases are impossible to ride if protected by a bubble.
    Something needs to be changed here, because repairing or replacing has now become incredibly easy.

  2. Loading after getting killed or tp.
    Despite playing on playstation 5, every time you get killed by an enemy, teleport or otherwise perform an action that requires a loading, loading takes an incredibly ridiculous time (on ps5 even 70 / 80s).
    We absolutely need to improve this aspect which, before 3.0, worked perfectly.

  3. Cripple, the damn cripple! Harpy weapons now completely broken, mostly daggers.
    The new perk system completely removed the perk that allowed you to reduce the cripple effect, even though the harpy weapons were still broken because they completely ruined the pvp through this stupid effect.
    In my opinion, the effect of cripple on harpy weapons, now that you can’t guarantee this perk, absolutely need to be removed. It has become impossible to face these weapons unless you want to spend days brewing the potion of freedom. But there is no point in breeding a god to counter a weapon that produces a broken effect.
    Therefore this effect requires a nerf or to remove it completely on harpy weapons or bow and lock spam.

  4. General Lag when you use sorcery.

  5. Undeads need HP reduction.
    Considering that your goal was to finally make the player the real protagonist of this game, what is the sense of nerf thralls but allow me to carry 4 undeads with a broken life that even reaches 35k?
    I don’t see much consistency in what has been done (wise to avoid players hiding behind thralls) if then I can easily spam undeads that don’t need to be leveled and I can get them quickly and easily. If you really don’t want to reduce the HP, you have to reduce their duration otherwise in every raid defense or attack, a clan of 10 can defend or attack with 40 undeads!

Certainly there will be things that I missed, but these are, for me, the problems that most highlighted me playing this new patch.
I hope to receive different opinions from the community as well, hoping that each of us can contribute to improving the game as much as possible and balancing the game.

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