3.0(4.0?) and Sorcery Speculation Megathread

I made a character on an rp server once out of curiosity and I can’t really disagree. :flushed:

I disagree that inclusion of quest and story elements necessitate them being ‘theme-park’ elements. Funcom can be and has been very creative with how this stuff can be structured especially if they have a dynamic system to use like they seem to have started with the Grave Matters event. It doesn’t even necessarily need to be complete questlines as we’re familiar with them. This is the company that gave us the night-time quests in the Barachan Isles - an interweaving web of concurrent events all happening from different viewpoints based on your character’s profession be it soldier, rogue, priest, or mage. Now, take that same creative drive and apply it to something that is dynamic.

Smaller scouting groups of relic hunters technically part of yet separate from purges (the way they are described in dialogue rather than the actual mechanic itself).
New groups showing up in the region just kind of coming out of nowhere to menace you or achieve their own aims.

Two small examples. There’s an endless amount of stuff you can do with it that needn’t be singular things of content added in to be consumed and forgotten.

This still continues to all be pure speculation and conjecture - but things they’ve hinted toward has me intrigued.


New thrall emotes plus the new dynamic spawn event…FC is bringing back flash mobs. NPCs will rng spawn in areas and break out in dance!!!

What’s a “city life” system? I don’t remember hearing anything about it in EA.

A Look at Things to Come March 6, 2017 dev blog.

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yes, I loved it, played it all and then played it again, more then rest of the game actually, cause rest of the game was boring grind and rng fest, so I remain doubtful

Considering how 2.8 adds thrall emotes, maybe they’re finally going to introduce this settlement system in 3.0. That or I’m just way too excited, but hey, it’s a speculation thread after all.


They introduced rescuing thralls earlier in the 2.x series of updates. This kind of sounds like what 3.0 might be if you think of “city life” as a complex series of “events.”

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Sounds great to me. I’m all for bringing more life to my builds. :smiley:


Just a thought but since we know 3.0 isn’t sorcery…

What if…

It’s “Wizardry”



Do you happen to know of an interview or video from back when they said this? I never played during EA, I came to the game a bit later and never knew this was something they mentioned, so this is new info for me.
Edit: Nevermind, I think someone posted it above, sorry!

Here’s the link found by Tephra.


Its when we have to hunt our potential thralls throughout the entire city vs being in set locations. Just keeping it real :wink:

I am once again not letting this thread die, thank you very much.

Also, I’d love for Funcom to give us a roadmap of some sort, maybe after the event ends on the 17th ? 3.0 is coming, and we still don’t know anything about it.


Much appreciated. I’m definitely hoping we get some news soon


My son went a full day without wrecking some part of our base.

If that isn’t Sorcery I don’t know what is.


It would be nice if funcom would release a roadmap for 2022 , with all the updates planned for 2022

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A road map would be nice providing that it would be followed.

Which is why we won’t get one. Funcom doesn’t like giving us road maps because things change and then they get yelled at for not keeping their promises. So instead, we get nothing.

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There is a solution to that . Anyone with a schedule knows it.