3.0 has disabled me

Im posting yet another complaint thread simply because this ■■■■■■ me off… I like everyone else paid good money to play this game and this patch has made it so I can’t continue playing my game as it stands… I play a PVP server and have my base in the crevice. I don’t just have a front door to go in and out of my base, I have a very convoluted entrance… it is literally a maze so I can’t navigate my way out when I can’t even see the walls. My entire base is made in Frontier which is invisible now… If someone was to raid me right now, they can see exactly where everything is.

I have been following Funcom on Twitter and they said they are working on a hotfix since early this morning but won’t say how long it will take to get it put out… I am usually pretty tolerant of things like this because I realize its not perfect and bugs are standard. I do feel though as if Funcom didn’t even test this before they went live… how the hell can there be this many problems and bugs and they tested it beforehand?

Very frustrated

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I understand the frustration. After reading your post I believe tomorrow I will replace invisible doors with some thing visible until it’s fixed

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