3.0 Launch trailer question

Please pull up 1:10-1:20.

This looks like you can literally torch some buildings with your torch. Is that accurate?

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FYI… that is an event and the tents within that event catch fire when you strike them with any weapon. Unfortunately you cannot set player buildings on fire. :crazy_face:


Lol…well there goes the surprise. Speaking of… literally stumbled ony first event. I was just trying to collect challenges and got sidetracked with a bridge or betrayer event right at the obelisk. I was not that prepared…I just grabbed my legionnaire (you know the ones that you can’t replace) to test him out on critters and wolves and I didn’t even put brimstone on him…lost him but got through it all. Not a fan of the darkness effect that was going on but rather enjoyable experience…outside of loosing one of my special thralls.

Sorry, if I ruined your surprise. I did blur the details out as a spoiler though while still answering your main question. :man_shrugging:
Sorry again. :sweat_smile:

I know…I just pressing your buttons. I still have to find these events…once the invisible aspect gets solved (come on server reset…be the solution) it’s going to be a blast. The challenges…yeah it’s not going to be hard to max out the BP.

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