3.0 out on Steam… now!

It’s here. Now let’s see everything catch fire!

Edit: beat the official announcement by ~30 secs. Go me!

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And the bazaar is just as bad as I expected it to be. More than the cost of any of the DLC’s for… six decorational items.

Well no buying from me if that’s the case.


No patch yet on x box :sob::pleading_face::sleepy:

Minimum $20 dollars for 6 decorational items. Twice the price of the people of the dragon DLC tile & decoration set.

Yeah well the previous DLC’s were underpriced but you can’t turn that around by taking a quarter of the content and pricing it double :crazy_face:


I just went down to the cave, and my NPC is turning tricks for Crom Coins, the lucky devil. Big banquet tables don’t pay for themselves.


It’s… significantly more than double even at 1/4th the amount :nauseated_face:

Still no patch with the xbox game pass on pc

Well, if people won’t buy the items for the prices, the marketing team will probably reconsider the prices.

If a small minority buys the expensive stuff anyway, the marketing team may decide that the revenue is good enough and keep the prices.

If 100 people buy a thing for 50 bucks, it’s 5000 dollars. If dropping the price to 10 bucks would make 400 people buy it, it’d produce only 4000 bucks.

Some things in the shop are overpriced, in my opinion, whereas others are okay’ish. This is fine by me, though - I need to consider whether I’m going to use any item regularly enough so as to justify buying it, whereas with the DLCs I just bought them all without thinking. With the new monetization model I may end up spending less than I did with the old DLC model, and I’ll also end up with fewer redundant items cluttering up my crafting menus.

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