3.0 Sorcery Megathread

hi , all

What?? Flying mounts and aerial combat? Say goodbye to pillar bases!

You heard it here first folks! :rainbow: :racehorse:

Well… that bug let sometimes lets Gazelles fly into the sky… maybe if you’re really quick, you could jump on one and take a ride to the stars?

Seriously, though, there are examples of flying mounts in sword and sorcery, but to my knowledge not in the Conan universe.

Introducing flying mounts wouldn’t be thaaaat disruptive at least for PvE. The world is built to be climbed and crossed via building anyhow, unlinke many games with hole-ridden maps.

For PvP, though, it might be impossible to balance. Maybe make people fall off as soon as the mount is hit - making archer thralls great again. But… well… all in all probably too much of a hassle, unless you restrict them to PvE servers.

Conan is carried by a bat demon once. I don’t know if there are any other references to flying mounts.


Has anyone suggested yet that 3.0 might be new consolidated servers with cross-platform play? Seems to me like they’re thinking a lot about the high level organisation of the game lately, with transfers, mergers, admins enforcing ToS…

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While not necessarily a bad thing moving to privates, crossplay definitely does bring in the risk of cheaters. If they did implement it, they would be best off doing so as an opt-in thing, and leave current official servers opted out to keep the peace.

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Hu. Cross platform play would fit their grandiose language, but would be quite a disappointment imho.


I wouldn’t consider cross-play to be such a huge update by itself. It definitely would be a notable update, but if we’re looking at the scope so big they change the version number for the first time since siptah, I wouldn’t rule it out as part of the update


There was an 466,7 Mb Update for me today! 3.0 is it you?!



If you look at the public branch, the last update was 2 months ago (Patch 2.8)


Thank you and meh

Maybe they fixed boobs physics :thinking:

If your game updated it would be mod files most likely. The game has no update yet but they have a lot of branches on steamdb :eyes:

Four different nightly ones, hopefully means 2.9 soon

Aren’t those the fixes to get the server merge done?

I could see a fast travel system using those bat demons. Something like a stablemaster NPC that charters them to fly to certain destinations.

Yeah, I’ve suggested that before.

I suggested a constructable bat demon roost, limited to one per player. Then you would be able to perform a short ritual to summon the bat demon that could be interrupted by combat. If you manage to complete the ritual, a bat demon would swoop down and grab you, ostensibly flying you to its roost, but gameplay-wise, it would just be a “home teleport.”


That sounds really good. I’d also suggest adding a visual effect during the summon, like a mini god light, for balancing/pvp reasons.

Unrelated to recent posts: Sorcery

The Tcho Tcho Veterans can use magic randomly for their attacks. How would that work for players? Have there been any successful mods that use their attacks?


My favorite topic :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Personally I don’t use mods, but given TchoTchos share human animations this may be possible. However, as Siptah creatures they are DLC locked and can’t be modded to my knowledge. Making something like that would basically be starting from scratch

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