3.0 Sorcery Megathread

Isn’t that specifically how you open the dredges is by killing one of the natives on the cap?

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That’s an interesting connection. Perhaps religion revamp with human sacrifice?

The Siptah update absolutely was an update. It took us to 2.0.

Throwing this out there but what about a reputation system? Befriend a few factions by killing some others or doing certain objectives and become hostile with other factions by helping their enemies or being hostile to them (to much wheel of friendship time). Reaching certain milestones gives you access to stuff relevant to that faction and also allows you to hire them for base protection.

Live events will probably be a thing, like Grave Matters. Maybe some of those live events are NPCs faction wars and they raid each other. More traveling NPCs along certain paths and random encounters. Bosses coming out of the woodwork because players are active a lot in a specific area.

One thing I think is possible is that they overhauled the sandstorm on Exiled Lands map to be more like Siptah maelstrom. Sandstorm moves a lot slower now and enemies spawn inside it.

I could see also some UI improvements and combat reworks again. Combat is probably the biggest system of player interaction so making that as good as possible is probably a safe bet that it gets improvements.

I could speculate all day but I really want some info, please Funcom!


Yeah but they also classified it as an expansion. Just curious if theyre saying 3.0 is the biggest ever, based on that.

This kind of reputation system is exactly what I’ve been thinking about. You could have NPCs of every faction with which you can interact and they give you faction-specific quests or missions. For example, helping Cimmerians gives you rep with them, but makes the Heirs more unfriendly. Enough positive rep could perhaps unlock a special faction merchant with unique items like armor and weapons, which you can find nowhere else. Too much negative rep and the faction attacks you, something like a purge out of nowhere.

To accommodate for this, factions could have something like a HQ in different parts of the Relic City. This way you also avoid the need for every faction to have a separate neutral settlement, which would take up map space.

I think we’re still some way away from finding out though (hope I’m wrong). Hopefully they’ll announce 2.9 within a week, which will be just some QoL stuff and bug fixes. After that 3.0 will be on the agenda. Unless they hit us with a 2.10.

The factions already have good HQs! Why not have the Black Galleon as a neutral spot if you ally with the Black Hand, just as Sepermeru is for the Relic Hunters.


i’m dying inside waiting and waiting and waiting

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dont give ideias! 2.10 would be the max sadness at this point for all of us


But also a paid dlc. This one is “free” i think. So more like the exile dungeon updates???

Max sadness would be 2.10 followed by 2.11, followed by…I’ll stop here.

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oh no hahaha pls

Aren’t we up to 2.8 already?

We are but who says we can’t go:


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I doubt they will do 2.9 update, it will most likely skip directly to 3.0. If it’s an update as big as they say with a lot of changes I also feel like it might go directly to live and not testlive. That way any new content or exciting stuff won’t be spoiled before all players would get access. I could be wrong though, testlive is probably a helpful resource for them to utilize.

But yeah I feel confident there’s no 2.9 also because they did an April fool’s patch and called it or whatever. That would probably just cause confusion.

Either way we need a dev stream or something! Where is Dennis? Is he safe? Is he alright? He has the info we need we must free him!

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hahahaha 8th anniversary, then

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thats a very good guess! testlive would ruin some of the “biggest” news.

…pretty sure the current religion system is pretty heavy on the old human sacrifice

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But think about it.
Bring a subdued human back to the altar in chains. You place them in the altar just like your would place them in the wheel. Better “Priests” complete the sacrifice faster converting the victim into a pile of zeal based on their tier.

Sure, one could still do crude harvest in the field, but the best payout would be for bringing unconscious but live sacrifices.
Heh. It could even be reskinned to actually make sense for Mitra and call it “redeeming” rather than “sacrificing”.


That’s how I actually thought the altars worked when I first started playing. Wasted some time trying to put a dragged thrall into the altar before I realised they could only go in the wheel :laughing: