3.0 Sorcery Megathread

Unfortunately, you are correct. These changes are predatory. They do not add anything to our game play. They simply encourage spending at unhealthy levels. So not only is this predatory, it’s also what’s called Parasite Mechanic. Since it adds nothing of value to the core gameplay of the game.


It’s all one update. There will be parts people like and parts people dislike. I think if the discussion is healthy, it should be treated the same. I just don’t want to see any dev bashing or pre-scheduled rage going off barebones information

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If it replaces the full on DLC, then it is really not that much of a change. 8nstead of a full pack at 9.99 US, you can earn xp (or buy) and get the cosmetic stuff. If it was for access to game mechaincs, then that would be an issue. IE, if to summon certain specific creatures you had to buy that recipe with BP points, that would be predatory.


Point to you :joy:

Maybe i should’ve said i want to play my way not how a BP dictates, i suppose if i try an slap away all my initial negative thoughts regarding a BP, depending on how they do it a BP can/could see positive results in terms of content but end of the day i’d need to see more regarding it and tbh most everything else

I definitely want to be corrupted with sorcery, but I hope there will be an equally strong incentive to play as a non-sorcerer.

It it hard to say how much of the new content will require you to be corrupted into sorcery, but if all or most of it is, then the incentive to be evil may be far too strong.


The information is not bare bones. We know everything coming in the update, we just don’t know the pricing of the battle pass and cash shop items. There is a key difference between holding a company accountable for undesired changes, and bashing. This is the internet, criticism is to be expected, and in most cases encouraged. Censorship, just leads to further division, and distrust of any company. When you can not hold a company accountable for their actions, you have far bigger problems in a society. No one here is bashing Funcom Devs.


How I wish that were true. A lot of those posts are removed for good reason.

As people have said before: the battlepass rewards and cash shop items are cosmetic. There is nothing inherently pay to win and nothing forcing you to spend. Just like the DLC packs that came before, they’re style variants with stat equivalents to base game items for the most part. So long as they hold true to that, they won’t fall into the trap most bad companies do


There are huge differences.
Past DLC was sold in steam, had steam sales, was adjusted for different currencies across the world, was not timed (you could buy it whenever).

This new system has artificial time limits, it uses in game currency purchased with real money.

Additionally, I highly doubt you would get same amount of content for the same amount money compared to past DLC. In past each DLC had a lot of building pieces to amours and weapons to decorations and so on, now you will get few decorations or weapons or one armor so on. So most likely less content for more money.


This has also been the claim of every game that has ever instituted a cash shop. And even if it’s true…in ESO you can easily spend over a hundred bucks on a player house. The prices of items continue to rise while the pittance they allot those who keep a sub has never budged in the years since this nightmare was started. And they’ve broken MANY “promises” about what would be in their gamble boxes… as those inevitably come next. So if FC keeps their word and their prices reasonable they will be the first exception to the rule. Hence my own distrust of this whole scheme.


I wish that were true. All battle pass, cash shop, and loot box mechanics are the same. They are predatory sales tactics specifically designed to target the most vulnerable to spend the most money possible. There is a reason the EU, US, and Canada are moving to regulate or ban these sales practices.

Sure, no one is forcing anyone to buy any digital goods. But you can bet it will be highly advertised with ads, pop-ups, and notifications. All designed to grab some vulnerable persons’ attention, and spend money. Players use the term “It’s cosmetic, so it’s safe”. In all reality, it is not safe, and is exploiting the most vulnerable individuals.

In addition, companies use these mechanics to make more money, but not release content on a regular basis. So now you are paying more over all, and getting less actual content.

And these are industry facts. I can link you many videos of companies admitting this on video. We’ve seen this before, I am skeptical Funcom will do differently.


one screen shot had building pieces, not one piece. 21st we will know more how that works.

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If I can get the same amount of content as a DLC for the same price of a DLC, it won’t be bad. But if I have to spend twice as much to get half as much, I will not be pleased.

And if there are limited-time items, I will be displeased no matter the price. Even free. I am adamantly opposed to any and all limited-time exclusives.


Ultimately, I blame Tencent for the concerns being brought up here. The parent company of Funcom has been caught over and over, monetizing games in the most predatory fashion possible in order to make as much money as possible off the most vulnerable in their games. Conan Exiles didn’t have any issues before Tencent making money, now all of a sudden it does.

I smell something fishy :thinking:


Do you think a company adds a MTX and battle pass to a 4 year old game just to sell the items for cheaper price than their previous DLCs?

Inaddition they even added FOMO. Sorry but that is definetly worse than past DLCs.

Past DLCs sold for 10 dollar and went for much much cheaper at sales. This I highly doubt will go for cheaper when you add same amount of items. Anyway you are right lets wait till 21st and see what they have to say.


As much as everyone likes to make Tencent the boogeyman of gaming, it’s no secret Funcom was almost bankrupt before they released CE. To say they had no issues is naive.


Actually the challanges from the battle pass is basically quests, it adds more to do, so if its not p2w im all for it

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I am just hoping for a fat/thin slider beyond the drawn on muscle tone we have today. Also more variation in character creation. A battle pass that focuses on cosmetics has potential here. Guess we will see.

This is simply not true. The CEO of Funcom states Conan Exiles saved Funcom from bankruptcy. Funcom was doing very well after Conan Exiles was published. They are a publically traded company, so anyone can see their earnings. This dates all the way back to 2017.

I can provide you a link to this statement on Discord if you wish.

You think the US, EU, and Canada are moving to regulate or ban Micro transaction stores? Loot boxes, yes, because it can be argued its a legit gambling mechanic (and I’m firmly against). But BP systems and Micro Transaction stores? Erm, not so much.

As I feel I’ve been consistent about (or hope I have been) I’m pretty okay with whatever companies want to do in order to meet the demands (yes, demands) of its players. If I feel like a company has crossed a line, I generally just don’t play said game. NFT’s and loot boxes are my line. I might not agree with pricing structures of certain games and what they charge for their content (Fallout76), but that just means I won’t personally buy said content and will target things I feel is appropriate (which is admittingly, going to be super subjective).

Anything else, as I’ve known I’ve repeated a bazillion times, the expectation that Funcom or any other company continue to update their game for years on end (Funcom is going on year 5 for Conan Exiles alone) without additional funding is extremely unrealistic.


Come one people, sorcery is here and all you care to discuss is cash shop and battle pass.

You think there will be some way to make some spells that are not utterly evil-sacrifice-your-thralls-or-your-firstborn-for-it?
There is hope, since it took years and they gave us non slave followers (albeit much weaker than thralls).